Implementing a contingent workforce program to reduce risk and cost for TAL

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: Insurance

The Client

TAL insuranceTAL is one of Australia’s leading life insurers, protecting more than 4.5 million Australians and their families. The company is committed to making life insurance a valued and understood part of Australians’ lives.

The Situation

TAL engages around 180 contractors across their business, using them for specialist expertise in IT, project management and administration. Before partnering with CXC, these workers were managed through a number of suppliers, which in some cases led to a lack of visibility, inconsistent costs and increased risk.

According to Joanna Romeril, TAL Head of Talent:

“The main reason we engaged CXC was to improve the management of our contingent workforce, which was previously decentralised and hard to get visibility on.

At the time we had seen contingent workers and related expenses increase and identified potential risks in managing our contingent workforce. The risks related to security, background checks and the potential for ‘claims of employment’ by independent and highly tenured contractors.”

CXC's Solution

CXC reviewed TAL’s existing model, supplier costs and contingent data, and then provided commercial analysis that helped build a business case for a new solution. Having implemented similar programs in the insurance industry, we had significant expertise in managing challenges and providing solutions during implementation.

Implementation for TAL’s contingent workforce program comprised of:

  • Initiation and planning – Reviewing TAL’s data sources, identifying team members and creating project documentation.
  • Discovery – Holding discovery workshops for requisition and approval, supply chain, contractor management, timesheeting, expenses, invoicing and payroll.
  • Analyse – Reviewing the supplier agreements, drafting communications plans and executing agency margin agreements.
  • Solution design – Creation of process maps, confirmation of reporting requirements, system set up, rate calculators, onboarding forms and training collateral.
  • Transition – After confirming contractor transition data, uploading information into our systems, communicating to all contractors on transitioning to CXC and scheduling daily management calls.
  • Launch – Solution enters BAU and contractors commence using CXC’s timesheets.
  • Review – Four weeks of hyper-care, then handover from our implementation team to service delivery team.

“CXC were able to review our existing model, supplier costs and contingent data and then provide commercial analysis that helped build a business case for a new solution. The designed solution has met all our needs and achieved the benefits we had hoped for.


Negotiations with suppliers is always complex and challenging but the team were able to balance the commercial outcomes we needed while still maintaining relationships. This is a sweet spot for CXC, having worked with many suppliers and having the people on the implementation team that understand how suppliers operate and think.


We had a strong project manager who kept everyone on task and was flexible when we needed to be. We felt consulted on all matters and the communication was proactive, clear and timely. We felt very supported as the CXC team bring a lot of experience and learnings that they were able to share. Also, they were also able to provide a lot of templates/examples for communications and training that we leveraged to save on time and effort.”


Joanna Romeril, TAL Head of Talent

The Results

CXC’s solution for TAL was implemented successfully over a six-week period with minimal disruption to their contractor base. They now receive:

  • Visibility – Consolidated invoicing for all workers and suppliers, as well as reporting and data insights.
  • Simplicity – One point of contact, standardised onboarding and offboarding, and consistent payments for all recruitment suppliers.
  • Compliance – Risk mitigation around background screening, insurances and co-employment.
  • Cost savings – Our 12 cost savings initiatives are designed to save at least 5% within the first year.

“The implementation team were first class. Having implemented many new solutions, they came with a lot of expertise and were able to push through challenges and manage the project seamlessly.

We enjoyed working with the team. Not only are they highly capable and effective, but they were also engaging, and we had some fun along the way. The CXC account management we have are a delight to work with and regularly receive positive feedback about how responsive and easy to deal with they are.

We have significantly improved the management and visibility of our contingent workforce, as well as reducing our risks and costs. Over time as we bring on more contractors, we will see an improved contractor experience.”

Joanna Romeril, TAL Head of Talent

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