Partnering to improve workforce experience, compliance and efficiency for Sanofi

Case Study
  • region: Europe
  • industry: Healthcare

Our Client

Sanofi is a global healthcare organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people worldwide.

Sanofi UK is made up of four Global Business Units (GBUs): Sanofi Genzyme, Sanofi Pasteur, Primary Care and Consumer Healthcare.

With more than 100,000 people across 100 countries and over 1200 in the UK, they transform scientific innovation into healthcare solutions to support people across the globe.

Their mission is to empower lives and improve access to healthcare guides for everybody, allowing them to enhance and better lives every day.

The Situation

In Ireland, Sanofi was facing rising contingent worker costs across their business. Before engaging Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) and CXC, Sanofi’s approach to contractor workforce management was leading to inflated margins, non-compliant practices and process inefficiencies.  Prior to CXC, Sanofi was utilising another payroll partner in Ireland, which had been creating worker disenchantment.

They needed a new model – one that enabled them to lower contingent worker costs and remain competitive and compliant within their industry.

CXC's Solution

CXC partnered with AMS to provide compliance, contract and payroll management solutions to Sanofi for their PAYE workforce and future hires, located in Ireland.

CXC engaged with contingent workers, providing a seamless and efficient onboarding process, mitigating risk for the client.  A transition phase project was completed to bring all current resource across to CXC payroll along with all new requests leading to a successful implementation of service.

Then AMS requested CXC’s support to provide a similar solution for Sanofi’s UK business.

Key services CXC provides to AMS Sanofi include:

  • Sanofi Helpdesk – a dedicated team to support Ireland and UK solutions
  • Compliance, contract and payroll management
  • Welcome pack created to assist contingent workers during the registration process
  • Streamlined onboarding activity
  • Efficient and secure online contracts process
  • Available resource to support contingent worker during assignment through to offboarding
  • Key support for all contract extensions and termination requests
  • Dedicated payroll team to support the payroll process for the client
  • Weekly payments made to contingent workers and payslips provided by email for ease
  • Holiday information pack created to provide visibility to all new starters on process

CXC provides these services in conjunction with, and as part of, the AMS model which manages the end-to-end recruitment process for business units within the Sanofi Group

The Results

CXC’s solutions have delivered enhanced visibility, compliance and governance controls to Sanofi. This has resulted in business risk mitigation for Sanofi across Ireland and the UK.

  • Solutions built in Ireland and the UK
  • Compliant engagement and workforce management resulting in zero-employment claims
  • Efficient process to engage workers and turn around compliance within short timescales
  • High volume of onboard requests received to commence assignments the following day – all compliance requirements and contracts completed within 24 hours turnaround time enable starts onsite without delay
  • Hundreds of workers onboarded by CXC since programme ‘go live’
  • Further business opportunities gained from successfully delivered solutions with other AMS accounts

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