Contingent Worker Offboarding Services

Our compliant offboarding process mitigates risk and protects your business

Is your offboarding process leaving you open to risk and missed opportunities?

CXC’s offboarding process is focused on providing a positive experience for the contractor and the client, while optimizing re-engagement opportunities for known talent. The offboarding process ensures all contingent workers are proactively managed to mitigate any risk to the client, which includes taking responsibility for performance management and disengagement where required. We can also coordinate the return of client assets (e.g. ID cards and laptops) and ensure IT systems access is disabled.

In supporting a talent first approach and enabling your organization’s ability to direct source, our role is to partner with the business to identify, extend and redeploy proven contingent talent.

“CXC assists with the implementation of performance management plans, as well as the disengagement of contractors, via phone and face-to-face means. I would not hesitate to recommend CXC as a Contracting Agency in future.”

Specialised Credit Operations Manager, Large Australian energy organisation