Financial Services – Client

“CXC Global introduced a workforce management program across our non-permanent workforce over five years ago. They work closely with our on-site outsourced RPO team to deliver a seamless workforce acquisition and management service to our hiring managers, suppliers and our extended workforce.

The solution has delivered enhanced compliance and governance controls across all our business sites nationally, as well as significant cost and process efficiencies. Annual cost savings of $1.2M have been achieved as a result of a workforce/payroll and tenure management program. In addition, workforce reporting and analytics have provided us with unprecedented visibility of spend and trends, enabling for tighter cost control and strategic workforce planning.

CXC Global have further supported our organisation on a global basis. They recently provided Asia Pacific payroll project support across numerous challenging geographies & jurisdictions. CXC Global’s geographic reach and local footprint enables us to readily access talent and ensure consistency and compliance in engaging workers all over the world.”

Financial Services Client

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