The Tech Profiles currently in highest demand?

An unprecedented pandemic-induced digital transformation across almost every industry, as well as the increased availability and accuracy of data, has created new opportunities for business as well as a multitude of new jobs for Techies. So which Tech profiles are now in highest demand?

Today’s global IT job market is tight. Very tight. Businesses all over the world are doing whatever they can to attract top tech talent – remotely or really – and that means fruitful, fun times ahead for those Tech profiles most in-demand.

According to reputable publications like Robert Half Technology’s 2022 IT salary report these in-demand Tech profiles fill a broad horizon from data-focused roles to security-related positions. And salaries reflect demand.

Here is Robert Half’s Top 5:

  • Database administrator and architect
  • Information/cyber security analyst
  • Software developer
  • Network and computer systems administrator
  • Computer programmer

No surprises here, of course. To these five leading tech profiles we can also add some other stand-outs from numerous published reports from recruiters in the tech field to make up a Top 10.


Other Tech profiles currently in highest demand

Business Analyst

The demand for Business Analysts has been on the rise since before the pandemic. Business Analysts take responsibility for translating business requirements into technical specifications for development teams, making them a crucial part of any digital transformation program.

Cloud Engineer

Today, a multitude of organisations globally are looking for experienced Cloud Engineers to help them efficiently migrate existing infrastructures to the cloud and take advantage of all its benefits. As cybersecurity is also one of the top IT skills in demand, Cloud Engineers who can ensure data security and compliance at all stages of design, implementation and management are also in big demand.

Full Stack Developer

As organisations of all types and sizes look to harness the power of technology through application development, they are increasingly turning to Full Stack Developers who can design, develop, test and deploy applications, from go to whoa. Today’s employers look for candidates with a broad skill set that includes web development, databases, user experience design, system administration and the ability to work across multiple programming languages.

Data Analyst

Globally, businesses now have access to more data than ever before, with the number of data sources increasing every day. This data is becoming increasingly complex, making it difficult to discern actionable insights without the right expertise. Organisations are eagerly hiring Data Analysts who can make sense of data and use it to inform business decisions.

Artificial intelligence specialist (aka machine learning engineer)

AI specialists develop AI and ML technologies for computer programs and other machines to simulate how the human mind works. Specific job duties can vary but may also include roles such as ML engineer, business intelligence developer and AI architect.

DevOps engineer

DevOps engineers are operations specialists who solve development problems throughout the software lifecycle. DevOps engineers manage software code releases by working with both developers and IT employees. They understand both the coding and engineering for successful implementation of software systems and help create and improve existing software to increase efficiency and productivity. They are also experts in automation tools for digital pipelines, which include continuous integration and continuous delivery.


What if you’re trying to hire top IT talent?

If you’re having difficulty sourcing the right candidates with in-demand technology skills, perhaps it’s time to review, renew and promote your EVP (employee value proposition) and EB (Employer Brand). Highlighting the unique benefits you offer, such as flexible working arrangements and career development opportunities, can help you attract the top talent. At the same time, why not consider upskilling existing staff to compensate for shortfalls?

A competitive salary and benefits package is essential. Numerous reports and surveys show that  tech professionals in demand are looking for greater incremental increases to their salaries, more opportunities to upskill and hybrid working arrangements. Offering and promoting these benefits in your job descriptions will help you attract and retain the best tech talent.


An Employer of Record (EoR) service: The key to unlocking the global talent pool

The game-changing step that will enable your business to access the global talent pool is to establish an Employer of Record service with a specialist workforce management and recruitment partner like CXC Global. With it, you can hire anyone, from anywhere in the world without the hassle of coming to grips with complex laws and regulations, compliance/classification issues, taxes, benefits, currency exchange, or payroll issues etc.

With remote working now the new IT norm, an Employer of Record arrangement means you’ll never have to say no again to top Tech talent.

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