What can we expect from Artificial Intelligence and the future of work?

Nowadays, there is an important debate if technology is going to take away our work, in the same way that it happened in the past at the Industrial Revolution.

Time has shown us that this has not been the case, that, on the contrary, technology has facilitated our lives and has even created more employment opportunities of higher quality.
In that sense, it can be deduced that artificial intelligence is not going to be a problem for employment, although it will require recycling and effort on our part.

How Artificial Intelligence can help promote employment? On November 15 and 16 in Madrid will be developed the Forum Employment in the Digital Age (Foro de Empleo en la era Digital), focused on people looking for work, what are the most demanded professions, what skills companies look for in a digital profile, among others.

Source (in spanish): marketingdirecto.com