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16 Jun: 8 Key Trends Shaping the Workforce in 2022 and Beyond

The move towards decentralisation and more flexible ways of working that we’re currently seeing was already well underway before 2020.
Several recent studies have analysed the most significant trends affecting the workplace in 2022, giving us an idea of what the world of work will look like over the years to come. In this article, we’ll discuss eight key insights from the EY Future Workplace Index and other research into the trends shaping the future of work.

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31 May: What is Direct Sourcing? (And Why You Should Be Doing It)

Direct sourcing is a talent acquisition strategy that involves a business leveraging its own brand to source high-quality candidates for contingent or freelance roles. The idea is to build up an internal, private pool of talent that you’ll be able to tap into as your needs as a company evolve, or when you have a short-term project that you need extra hands on. Considering using direct sourcing to source candidates for contingent or freelance positions? Here are some of the benefits

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31 May: Labour Arbitrage in the Post-COVID World

When most people think of labour arbitrage, they picture companies in developed nations like the UK or the US outsourcing certain business operations, such as production or call centres, to less-developed nations where wages are cheaper. However, broader definitions of the term include various corporate policies that result in lower labour costs. Read more about Labour Arbitrage:

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25 May: Great Resignation Is It Real?

The Great Resignation has been a phrase that many people have been talking about for nearly two years. But what is it and is it real? By January 2022, the US had seen quit rates above pre-pandemic levels for eight straight months. In fact, the quit rate, which had never previously surpassed 2.4% since the Department of Labor started measuring it in 2000, hasn’t been below that level since late 2020.