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19 Dec: Zooming in on Poland: 6 Labour Market Changes Arriving in 2023

This week, we wanted to zoom in on Poland, a country that’s currently seeing a significant amount of change. For example, as we discussed a few weeks ago, the Polish government plans to make two significant increases to the national minimum wage in 2023. We wanted to find out more about this and some other changes that are around the corner — so we caught up with Michal Czernek, CXC’s Business Development Director for the Central and Eastern Europe region (CEE).

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29 Nov: Is This Ireland’s Uber Case? Contractor Misclassification in Ireland

The correct classification of gig workers has been a hot topic over the past few years. From changes to IR35 legislation in the UK in 2021 to the proposed EU Directive on Platform Workers that’s set to come in early next year, we’ve heard plenty about how changing legislation could impact workers and the companies that engage them.

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04 Aug: The war in Ukraine and its impact on Poland’s workforce

According to the latest data, almost 5 million refugees have entered Poland from Ukraine. More than 90% of them are women and children. Of course, a large group of refugees will not stay in Poland permanently, but assuming that “only” 20% will stay permanently, this means that Polish labor market will have to absorb about 500,000 women who want to provide for the same number of children.