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Blog post - the war in ukraine and its impact on polands workforce

04 Aug: The war in Ukraine and its impact on Poland’s workforce

According to the latest data, almost 5 million refugees have entered Poland from Ukraine. More than 90% of them are women and children. Of course, a large group of refugees will not stay in Poland permanently, but assuming that “only” 20% will stay permanently, this means that Polish labor market will have to absorb about 500,000 women who want to provide for the same number of children.


05 Jul: The State of the HR Tech Industry in 2022

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the key trends shaping this growing industry in 2022, and how they’ll affect the market going forward. According to HR industry expert and analyst Josh Bersin, the average large company now uses 9.1 core talent applications — up from 7 in 2018. Spending on these tools now averages $310 per year for each employee.  Companies are throwing money at HR tech, trying to find ways of transforming their workforces, increasing employee productivity, and improving quality of hire, employee engagement and retention.  And more and more of these tools are entering the market every day: the HR tech market reached a total value of $28.65 billion in 2021.


16 Jun: 8 Key Trends Shaping the Workforce in 2022 and Beyond

The move towards decentralisation and more flexible ways of working that we’re currently seeing was already well underway before 2020.
Several recent studies have analysed the most significant trends affecting the workplace in 2022, giving us an idea of what the world of work will look like over the years to come. In this article, we’ll discuss eight key insights from the EY Future Workplace Index and other research into the trends shaping the future of work.