Labour Trends Report

During November 2021, CXC Global EMEA surveyed 1200, C-Suite executives, HR professionals, staffing experts across 5 continents. Consisting of ten questions, the aim of this survey was to gain insights into the labour trends around labour demand, talent platforms, remote work & hybrid work models.

The results of CXC’s Labour Trends Report had four clear themes

1. Remote work is here to stay but the clear preference was for hybrid working (a mix of onsite and remote working)

2. Organisations are continuing to struggle to attract the talent they need

3. Organisations are seeking to hire talent internationally to solve local labour shortages but concerned about some of the legal risks around doing so

4. Organisations are continuing to recruit/utilize freelancers and are using digital labour platforms to do so. Over 50% of respondents are utilizing digital labour platforms.


Watch Connor Heaney, Anita Lettink and John Healy as they discuss the results from the report.