Sergey Bandurko

Country Manager - Russia
Sergey Bandurko


Sergey’s role is to help Russian organisations and independent contractors decrease costs and increase profits by providing innovative workforce solutions.

Sergey has an over 10 years of experience in the Russian financial sector supporting corporations and individuals to improve their wellbeing while minimising risks. He joined the company in 2011, right after CXC entered the Russian market. He contributed to the success of the start-up as a Business Development Manager and now is the Country Manager.

Sergey has gained a substantial experience in contractor management, migration control and payroll for local and foreign clients. He is passionate about creating tailored solutions for clients, enabling them to achieve a competitive advantage through managing contingent workforce quality, efficiency and risk.

Sergey has had the pleasure of speaking and presenting to companies about risk management, compliance and immigration legislation to ensure their sustainable development and growth in the ever-changing global gig economy.

When not working, Sergey loves snowboarding, playing tennis and fishing.