HQ After Brexit: Why Ireland?

CXC Corporate Services Header: Why Ireland?
The recent result in the UK’s Brexit Referendum has created one of the greatest political shocks of recent times.  It’s a result that many individuals, businesses, and even governments seem wholly unprepared for. Unexpected? Yes.  However, the lack of preparedness on the part of business and governments shouldn’t be criticized.

The shockwaves are palpable, real and global; uncertainty and fear are the lingua franca of today.

However unexpected the result, it is creating pressing issues that will need to be dealt with fast in order to make sure that business – your business, our business, and global business in the UK – can go on as usual and conquer the new obstacles created by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Moving your HQ: The Case for Ireland

The current uncertainty, volatility, and rancour that now prevails in the UK is not conducive to good, stable business. Our infographic gives a breakdown on what your business needs to do to survive the upheaval and makes a case for Ireland as the frontrunner for HQ relocation.


Infographic: CXC Corporate Services gives you the breakdown on why your HQ would be perfectly placed in Ireland after the Brexit Referendum upheaval

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