MSP Report for Belgium & Netherlands

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CXC is thrilled to be included in the MSP research report edition 2022/23 curated by ZiPconomy, together with its Belgian counterpart NextConomy.

This MSP research report helps organizations to make a well-founded choice for a possible MSP partner with knowledge and insight.

“Organizations can benefit strategically from the smart use of their external talents. The choice of the suitable MSP partner must therefore be carefully considered. This MSP report is an extremely suitable tool for this.” – Marleen Deleu (NextConomy)

Managing flexible talent and suppliers via a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide an organization with greater efficiency and better access to talent in a tight labour market.

The MSP research report edition 2022/23 provides a detailed overview of the MSP providers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

It outlines current trends and developments in this part of the labour market. Their profile varies from local niche player, market leader in the Netherlands or Belgium, to absolute global players. 

What Is In The Report?

Some of the questions asked in this report include:

  • How are the MSP players in the Netherlands and Belgium doing?
  • How do they experience the many turbulences in the job market and the unpredictable economy in post covid times?
  • What are the challenges they face and how do they respond?

The report includes a detailed overview of organisations in both countries, an outline of the recent trends and developments in Belgium and Netherlands and,  what you should do to get on the road to making an informed choice in your potential MSP partner.

Within Europe, both the Netherlands and Belgium are among the «early adopters» and large users of MSP programs.

However, there appears to be a substantial difference in the definitions of the various MSP programs. MSPs are constantly adapting their services and evolving with changing customer demands, technology solutions, and other innovations.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mark van Assema, Hugo-Jan Ruts and Marleen Deleu who authored the report.

“This is the fifth edition of the unique survey into MSP providers in the Netherlands and Belgium, and the number of participants in the survey has never been higher. The MSP market is becoming more mature in both countries, that’s clear!” – Hugo-Jan Ruts of ZiPconomy.

CXC's MSP Solutions

MSP is the answer for organisations whose goal is to scale, improve cost efficiencies, and overcome strategic talent acquisition challenges.

At CXC we help you grow your business and meet the needs of today’s workforce, with flexible access to high-quality contract and temp talent through our Managed Service Program (MSP) solution.

Our solution supports temporary workers, contractors and statement of work to fulfil all of your contingent hiring needs. CXC’s tailored solution scales with your organisations needs through your hiring cycle.

Our MSP solution has been successful managing 20-2000+ contingent workers for organisations. Our speciality managing small and medium sized contingent workforces has increased visibility, quality and cost savings for our clients.

To find out more about our MSP services check out input in the Nextconomy MSP report below.

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