SIA CWS Summit – What we learned!

Our CXC team recently attended SIA’s CWS Summit in London. The event, attended by over 500 people was the first chance for many post-covid. Over the course of the two-day conference, our team had the opportunity to attend many informative panel discussions hosted by expert speakers from across the contingent workforce industry. Topics across the two days included MSP, VMS, Contingent workforce management, Direct Sourcing, Risk and Compliance.

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the sessions that were eye-opening for us during this fantastic conference.

Direct Sourcing 2.0: Solving the Labour Market Scarcity Problems

On the first day of the event our Managing Director, Connor Heaney joined Workllama for their Ideas in action session. On stage Connor, Saleem Khaja, Matthew Rogers and Steve Carter discussed the unprecedented competition for top talent. As many as 71% of leaders plan to shift more roles to the contingent or contract workforce to get work done solutions like Direct Sourcing are coming to the fore.

During the session, attendees had the opportunity to learn how businesses that harness the power of direct sourcing have the ability to develop an agile workforce—which can be the key differentiator needed to advance and grow in a marketplace that rewards dynamic, talent-led responses to new business challenges.

We were thrilled by the reaction from the audience and the lively debate that the topic generated. It is clear that many businesses recognise that Direct Sourcing is a key tool that in the fight to improve talent sourcing, hiring times and worker engagement.

Risk & Compliance Strategies When Engaging Cross-Border Workers

This panel discussion focused on the risk and compliance strategies businesses should implement when engaging contingent workers who are domiciled in one country, and start working in large numbers in another country for an organisation that is headquartered in yet another country.

“The Risk & Compliance session highlighted the concerns from the buyer’s side in detail and potentially the struggles they are up against and trying to control.” according to Hannah Young, Solutions specialist at CXC.  “As a solution supplier to the problem Jan Willem Weijers, Contingent Workforce Manager for Adevinta highlighted the concerns that our clients may not always highlight to us.

It is becoming clear that in situations like these governments are starting to get a lot more interested in the classification of these workers.

Organisations looking to benefit from the possibilities afforded by this shift must prepare for a higher degree of compliance and scrutiny.

This panel looked at the key areas of compliance and scrutiny that contingent workforce programme managers might want to start paying closer attention to and prepare for.

The Context of Now and Leading with Empathy

Our team highlighted the fascinating presentation on Leading with Empathy given by Belinda Palmer on day two of the conference. Belinda’s vast experience working with some of the world’s largest brands has given her the expertise to speak to such topics as empathy in leadership and how to improve trust and communication within an organisation.

The presentation focussed on the fact that emotional burnout in the workplace is higher than ever, while trust is at an all-time low and hybrid working creates new challenges for leaders. This, coupled with new demands from Gen Z workers whose most important factor for choosing an employer is recognition and feeling valued is creating a challenging environment for leaders in industry.

“This presentation struck a chord with me as it shined a light on effective management and how organisations can change their approach to understand their people better and to also boost morale & profitability.” – Hannah Young

This keynote explored some of the current challenges facing leaders and managers of employees and contingent workers and will bust some of the myths around effective leadership. It provided concrete examples of what empathic cultures and leadership look like.

The Key Points that Belinda explored were:

  1. The Context of Now: How the world of work has changed during the pandemic and how you can manage a multi-generational workforce.
  2. Myths Around Empathy: The difference between empathy and sympathy and how you can be empathic whilst building a culture of accountability.
  3. Empathy-in-Action: Examples of how Belinda has embedded empathy at scale using behavioural science and ‘empathy nudges’ with her clients and measured the commercial impact.


What a fabulous event to be apart of! It was great to get the opportunity to be in the presence of industry legends, old friends and new connections over the course of the week in London.

If you have any queries about how Direct Sourcing can help transform your businesses talent solutions our team would be happy to explore a bespoke solution for your company.

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