RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In an ever challenging labour market many companies are turning to RPO providers to attract the top talent they need.

What is RPO?

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a business or organisation moves to an outsourced model for all of talent recruitment requirements.

In an ever challenging labour market many companies are turning to RPO providers to attract the top talent they need. CXC’s solution allows businesses to achieve recruitment goals with a focus on quality, speed and reduced costs.

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

What is the difference between a recruitment agency and an RPO solution?

While recruitment agencies are great for sourcing and placing candidates they do not manage the design and execution of the recruitment process.

Our RPO approach manages:

Benefits of RPO

Types of RPO

There are many types of recruitment process outsourcing to fit your organisations needs. We have outline the most popular solutions here.

On-Demand RPO

On-demand RPO offers hiring managers and internal recruiting teams all the benefits of “traditional RPO,” for short term purposes. While recruiting process outsourcing is often seen as a long-term investment in a permanent recruiting solution, it is also a perfect model for addressing immediate support needs without the same commitment.

On-demand RPO is used to meet temporary needs to hire permanent talent quickly. This distinguishes it from a contingent RPO, which applies technologies typically reserved for permanent employment (such as employer branding, EVP, and technology implementation) to hiring temporary or contract workers.

Function-Based RPO

In function-based RPO, the RPO provider takes on some of the company’s hiring needs from the company. For example, a company’s internal resources may meet the company’s recruiting needs, but there is a specific department that requires more aggressive and sophisticated recruiting.

If done well, this will ensure the company gets the people it needs and allow internal recruiters to focus on the rest of the company’s work of.

Full RPO

Full RPO is when a business outsources its entire internal recruitment function to an RPO provider. Full RPO involves the RPO provider operating the clients recruiting process, such as sourcing, screening, marketing, background checks, interviewing, etc.

This highly scalable model allows the flexibility your business needs to succeed. It tackles talent acquisition needs across all areas in your business with a consistent, strategic plan.




How much does RPO cost?

CXC provide a bespoke RPO recruitment model for each of our clients. The cost of an RPO varies on the model that is chosen by the organisation.

Management fee model

The RPO providers paid for processing an agreed number of positions. Fees may change by agreement or have an escalation factor as employment increases. The cost model is associated with enterprise RPO services and some new RPO services such as white label RPO.

Cost per Hire Model

A fee is paid for each each worker that is successfully taken through the program and hired. Cost-per-employment models can be used for short-term RPO projects, where solutions are based on achieving specific outcomes or solutions that will only take a few months. This model is also well suited for point-of-service RPO, where specific recruiting functions, such as filling candidate pipelines, are outsourced to vendors.

Cost per Transactions

A fee will be charged to the client for specific processes that need to be performed by the RPO provider, such as background screening and vetting. Buyers who opt for on-demand RPO services or even RPO consulting services can be billed by the transaction, whether by the hour or per candidate hired.

Interested in RPO but not sure if it’s the right fit?

Our RPO solutions have been used by some of the world’s largest businesses.

We work with our clients to create bespoke solutions to fit their recruitment needs.

We will work with all of your organisation’s relevant departments to ensure an efficient roll out of the chosen solution from candidate screening to onboarding.

You should consider an RPO Solution if:

Considering RPO?

Get the full picture on how RPO stands to benefit your business from our dedicated solutions team. If you are looking for a Direct Solution you can see our service offerings HERE.