Can – Contractor

“My impression of the customer service team was – very responsive and supportive.”

“I’ve been working for Macquarie for about three years, and I was using CXC as my contractor management agency.

Initially I was contracting with Macquarie via Hudson RPO. After one year I was asked to transition to CXC, which was very smooth. I received an email with a guide on transition and the onboarding process. Following the step-by-step guide, I registered my account on the website, and quite easily set up everything. Once it had been set up, everything was quite straightforward to use, especially the timesheeting.

The timesheeting system is fast and clear to use. I think the UX design was good, and I only needed to spend a minute to fill in and submit time every week. I especially liked the design to have days to input numbers, compared to some of the timesheet management systems I’ve used before – where I needed to fill in start time, end time, lunch time etc., all in hours and minutes, which is very time consuming, and not as convenient as CXC’s timesheeting system.

I don’t have to spend too much time managing the human resource related materials. For example, as a contractor we need to provide workers’ compensation, professional indemnity, public liability insurance etc. With CXC I don’t even need to set up reminders for renewal. Every time before my policy is about to expire, I would get an email notification, and just do it online, and I would email back the updated status.

Most of the time I could self-serve within CXC’s system – but there was once, where I urgently needed an employment certificate to complete a background check. I wasn’t sure how to get it, so I emailed the customer service team about my situation. I quickly received the certificate over email, which helped me a lot. I completed my background check successfully, in time. My impression of the customer service team was – very responsive and supportive.”

Can Zhan, Senior iOS Developer, Macquarie Group

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