Energy – Client

“As both a CXC contractor & coordinator, I have dealt with several facets of the CXC business. As a contractor, CXC provide reliable & timely assistance for a wide range of services including timesheeting, payroll & tax queries. Having a main contact centre is invaluable in terms of saving time & reassurance that someone will be able to assist straight away.

In my dealings as a coordinator, the majority of our contingent workforce are contracted via CXC. From an onboarding perspective, geographical challenges are void with eSign contracts, the induction process has been streamlined and new starters are provided with helpful information from their first day. Despite a high volume of contracts, CXC are able to produce accurate reports on short notice and it’s been great to have our Account Manager regularly on-site answering any queries & ensuring that our needs as a business are being met. ”

Onboarding Coordinator
Energy Client

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