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CXC’s mission is to be the compliant connector between gig workers and organisations. We strive to provide a service that ensures organisations are fully compliant and not at risk of misclassifying workers by highlighting the fundamentals and rights to work, raising awareness on Labour standards relevant to platform work and general application.

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What is the gig economy?

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Legal Decisions

Spanish Gig Workers Ruling

Spanish Government Buildings

On May 2021, the Spanish government ruled that workers for food delivery platforms and other companies should be classed as employees. The new law came into force on August 12th.

Addison Lee

In April, The UK Court of Appeal ruled that Addison Lee will not be able to fight the decision by the Employment Tribunal that drivers for the taxi and courier firm are entitled to workers’ rights.


On 27 November 2020, the High Court of Justice in Spain ruled that riders of Glovo are employees and not self-employed. The Spanish Court changed its previous criteria after ruling in September 2019 that Glovo Riders were self-employed. It has again raised the issue of the ambiguous employment status of platform workers.

Uber UK

Uber has been dealt a blow by the UK Supreme court. 5 Uber workers have won the right to be treated as workers as opposed to self-employed. This decision is likely to set a precedent.

In the News

The open talent economy is constantly changing. So to help you keep up to date, we have created this section. Here we will compile the latest news that is changing the gig economy.

EU Directive on Labour Platforms: What It Means for Freelancers

career trends

The rise of the platform economy has been one of the most dramatic changes to the world of work over the past decade. Pew Research data suggests that 16% of Americans have earned money through an online gig platform, with many performing tasks such as delivering food, driving for ride-hailing apps and shopping for groceries.

Freelancing in Africa: A Growing Trend in an Overlooked Market

While we often think of freelancing as the preserve of professionals in Europe and North America, the freelance revolution is a global phenomenon. The global freelance platforms market, already valued at USD 3393.5 million as of 2019, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.3% between 2021 and 2026.

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