7 Secrets Every Digital Nomad Should Know

Psssst! Have you ever dreamed of living the digital nomad lifestyle? If you’re planning on making that dream a global reality then here are seven little secrets to help you along your way….

Digital nomad? It’s fast becoming a way of life for millions all around the world, including throughout Asia. Just a few years ago – pre-pandemic – digital nomads were a tiny group of out-there experience- seekers living on the fringes. Most were bloggers; most lived in several Southeast Asian hotspots.

Times have changed. Remote working arrangements are now the new norm globally, and the digital nomad trend is here to stay. If you’re planning a digital nomadic lifestyle then here are seven little secrets you should know:


Digital Nomad Secret 1: Walk the walk, before you talk the talk

If you’re dreaming about being a digital nomad, then don’t just quit your job and head off. Immersing yourself in the work-style before you leave home is a far better strategy. Before you jet off build a clientele base and start generating money before you go. Simple. Smart.


Digital Nomad Secret 2: Set yourself up to be financially mobile

Getting paid, transferring money and spending in general can be expensive. We are talking here about bank account fees, transfer fees etc. Get smart and familiarise yourself with the range of international payment apps with e-wallets (Google PayPayPalVenmo, etc.) that accept major credit and debit cards. There are also countries with local payment apps that you can connect to those international payment apps. For instance, there’s WeChat Pay and Paylah in Singapore, Kakao Pay in South Korea, GCash and PayMaya in the Philippines, and GrabPay  in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Remember too to always carry some local currency in your pocket, just in case.


Digital Nomad Secret 3: Manage your time strategically

Striking a sensible and profitable balance between work and travel is another critical factor to consider with the digital nomad lifestyle.

Discipline yourself. The most effective digital nomads follow rigid schedules to ensure they finish everything. Divide up your days and set the best times aside to get the work done first. There’s a strong link between routine, recreation and relaxation so make sure you bed down a core set of systems and habits that will ensure your professional success in any country, and in any location.


Digital Nomad Secret 4: Choose to stay, and work, in all the ‘right’ places

It’s a fact that some places are better suited to some digital nomads than others. Though you will have your personal preferences here are some baseline attributes to consider:

  • My next work-‘place’ needs to be a city, preferably with more than one million inhabitants
  • it needs to have good infrastructure, preferably a strong public transit network
  • it needs to have a coffee shop culture with lots of interesting places to work from
  • it should have a passable price/quality relation
  • it should have good internet connections


Digital Nomad Secret 5: Make sure you’re Connected – globally and efficiently 

Don’t get caught with unnecessary and excessive phone bills. It happens to so many people. Even small amounts mount up. Contact your phone company to set up an overseas phone plan. Many new nomad travellers have tried to use their phones exclusively with wifi, only to be surprised by expensive international roaming rates.


Digital Nomad Secret 6: Build your schedule around time-zones and your availability

Regardless of whether you’re staying for a month or only a few days in a location, you still need to eat and get enough time to rest. You’re still human, after all. So make sure to inform your boss or work colleagues of your time-zone so they’ll know when you’ll be available for work-related correspondence or short chats.


Digital Nomad Secret 7: Choose your employers wisely

Be aware. Companies working with digital nomads need employment agreements to ensure full compliance and proper classification, in addition to fair pay and entitlements. Enlisting the services of an Employer of Record (EOR) to administer all foreign employment matters on behalf of the employer can mitigate any risks associated with engaging digital nomads anywhere in the world, including talent sourcing, hiring, tax and compliance, payroll, onboarding, training and termination.

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