Compliant payroll of global staff for the University of Western Australia

Case Study
  • region: Latin America
  • industry: Training and Education

Our Client

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of Australia’s leading universities and has an international reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and research.

It has almost 24,000 students enrolled across four faculties. A model of broad undergraduate studies followed by postgraduate professional qualifications is designed to produce well-rounded graduates, as well as provide additional entry opportunities for a wider range of students.

As Western Australia’s premier university, UWA was equal first overall in Australia based on key measures in the Good Universities Guide 2016 including student demand, graduate outcomes, graduate starting salaries, finding a full-time job and research grants.

The Situation

The UWA needed to engage global staff in countries where they did not have legal entities, in order to hire them compliantly in the local legislations. This staff was servicing clients in countries such as Brazil, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

CXC's Solution

CXC implemented an employed contractor solution in these four countries and correctly onboarded the workers. We provided thought leadership on how best to employ a contractor talent base, as well as ongoing legislative updates on changing laws and employment requirements.

In Brazil, we payrolled UWA’s Marketing Manager Americas, who was based in Curitiba, Brazil and covered the entire region.

Key services we have provided to UWA include:

  • Vetting to ensure workers are properly classified as employed contractors with right to work in each country and proper tax registrations
  • Managing onboarding in each country with an emphasis on intellectual property and confidentiality
  • A single invoice for all services
  • Employed compliant management and payroll to contractors on a monthly basis
  • Centralized invoicing to UWA in AUD for accounting simplification
  • Payment of all contractors in local currency
  • Managing complex paid time off, 13th month payments and termination policies in each country

The Results

The partnership with CXC enabled UWA to service their clients in their countries of origin with ongoing compliant solutions and cost effectiveness.

The positive contractor experience and responsiveness has promoted contractor loyalty and productivity. The contract has been renewed until the end of the project.

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