Partnering with a vendor management system to achieve increased visibility

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: Energy & ResourcesIndustrial

CXC partners with one of Australia’s leading energy companies. They manufacture and distribute fuel, lubricant, chemical and marine products and bitumen, and are the exclusive licensee of Shell products in Australia.

The Situation

With 100 contract workers across Australia, this organisation sought better visibility and reporting across their key workforce metrics, including cost, risk, tenure and supplier governance. Some of their key challenges included:

  • Poor reporting: including the quality and confidence of data. This prevented them from making data-driven decisions
  • Increased risk: due to the lack of data, they were exposed to cost blow-outs, tenure management issues, contractor right-to-work and supplier governance risks
  • Inconsistencies: across supplier margins, contractor rates, awards and titles
  • Manual approach: They had no technology or central source of worker insights to automate contractor management.
“With far greater visibility and data about our contingent workforce, we’re more in control.”

Talent Acquisition Lead
Large Australian Energy Company

CXC's Solution

CXC partnered with this organisation to manage their contingent workforce, in collaboration with a Vendor Management System (VMS), Fieldglass.

Having nominated Fieldglass to centrally manage all parties to their contingent workforce, this client saw CXC as a natural fit – CXC’s experience with Fieldglass saw them take the role of implementation partner, enabling them to make the best decisions for achieving more from the VMS, their talent partners and their workforce.

Despite a complex relationship between all parties, we expertly managed the model, and assisted them in avoiding the many pitfalls associated with integration and roll-out of new technology.

We applied a consultative approach to uncover any major obstacles in implementation and the management of contract workers, allowing us to deliver a cost effective and results-driven partnership.

In addition, CXC’s positive reputation in the market better positioned their employee value proposition to contractors, as they continue to establish their brand with quality contract talent.

The Results

By centralising the engagement and management of the contingent workforce, CXC assisted them in achieving significant productivity gains and cost reductions. Now, the client has a far better grasp on the success of their contractors through implementing and tracking critical performance metrics. These metrics include:

  • Better management of their risk profile
  • Consistency of supplier margins
  • Improved governance around approved suppliers
  • Consistency of contractor remuneration, awards and roles
  • Improved visibility of costs, function, tenure and return on investment of their contingent talent.

Through a centrally managed contingent workforce strategy, they are now making data-driven contractor decisions, as visibility of their workforce has increased considerably.

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