Jerry Blanton

Chief Marketing Officer
Jerry Balton


Jerry serves as CXC’s first global CMO with the remit to build the brand and marketing engine to bring CXC to the next level in growth.

Jerry has over 20 years of working at the intersection of marketing, innovation and customer experience with the belief that marketing and customer experience are two halves of the same coin and one cannot excel at one without a deep understanding of the other.

He brings a set of unique experiences that include having worked within agencies, managed global brands and innovation on the client-side, and then built a world-class in-house innovation & design agency in one of the largest multi-national banks in the world.

Jerry has extensive experience across a number of global markets with expertise in creating successful brands, innovative marketing programs and meaningful customer experiences. He’s deeply passionate about understanding customer needs, crafting creative solutions, and telling stories that matter to people around the world.

Jerry has lived in Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York.  He has called Singapore home for the last 11 years.  An avid photographer and runner, he is still chasing that BQ time.