Direct Sourcing and the Importance of Employer Branding

In today’s volatile world, direct sourcing is becoming increasingly popular. Direct Sourcing refers to the process of partnering with a workforce solutions company to find, and engage, with contingent workers on your behalf – enabling you to have a continuous talent pipeline. The most important factor in ensuring success for your direct sourcing strategy is your ‘Employer Brand’ (E.B.). Good E.B. can:

  1. Increase the number of quality applicants keen to work for your company
  2. Significantly reduce your cost per recruitment, and
  3. Help to differentiate your company from your competitors.

But how can you create a great E.B. in the recruitment sphere?

The strategic management of assets such as your logo, social media presence, company/careers website, newsletters, etc. is a starting point. As is the management of the candidate experience, from first contact to contract. However, many global companies are also utilising innovative and insightful ways to enhance their employer branding strategy to support talent recruitment.

Medical, science and technology company Merck, for example, re-interpreted its core brand attribute of ‘science’ as ‘curiosity’. They showcased this basic human desire in a series of short videos on careers websites where people talked about their personal journeys as Merck employees. This is an excellent example of employee advocacy as it makes the organisation more relatable and authentic and can significantly enhance an employer’s brand.

If you are a business that relies on contingent workers, it is critical that you translate your Employer Brand into a compelling Contractor Value Proposition (CVP) in order to attract skilled, non-permanent talent. The two may not necessarily be the same, though the general principals will be.

In addition to an innovative approach, you will need to craft a CVP that tailors and personalises all communications and incorporates your target audience’s key areas of interest. For example, do you have a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion? Are your brand values clearly defined and stated? Most importantly, is your messaging compelling, consistent, and coherent across all your communication channels?

Effective and compelling branding, and a great candidate experience, can turn candidates into advocates for your business. As a result, you will have top talent keen to work for you.

At CXC, we understand that a compelling E.B. or Contractor Value Proposition (CVP) is critical to the success of any direct Sourcing program. That is why we are determined to help implement a comprehensive brand planning process for our clients. One that encompasses all areas of engagement and the candidate experience, and considers today’s, uncertain, COVID world.

How important will your Employer Brand or Contractor Value Proposition be in a post-COVID world?

At CXC, we believe it will be more important than ever. All uncertainties aside, if you reframe your brand to include items that will be of bedrock importance to workers in tomorrow’s business world. For example, working remotely, working from home and your level of digitisation will become increasingly significant in the years to come. Especially if no vaccine for COVID is forthcoming.

What about worker health and safety?

It will be a crucial decision-making factor for all future, and currently active, workers. Organisations must ensure their brand reflects a caring, considerate and health-conscious workplace culture.

Does your employer or contractor value proposition incorporate these COVID-modern concepts?

At CXC we regularly perform checks on all aspects of our clients’ Employer Branding. By applying the knowledge and experience we have gained over many decades, and across many industry verticals, we ensure your competitive positioning in the recruitment marketplace is strong, solid, and sustainable. After all, in this new world, it is becoming more and more important.

Like to know more about how CXC can help you develop a direct sourcing model for your business? And how they can help you build a compelling Employer Brand or Contractor Value Proposition (CVP)? Do not hesitate to contact us today on