Does your organisation need a workforce recruitment partner?

The key asset of any business is its human capital, and the smooth road to success starts with finding the very best person for the job. Every job. That’s why smart companies today partner with a workforce recruitment specialist. In today’s hyper-competitive, globalised, yet topsy-turvy world it’s considered an essential business tool. Here’s why…

If you haven’t reviewed or upgraded your workforce recruitment processes in recent times then you’re probably lagging behind your competition. Big time. In terms of hiring good staff, the business world has fundamentally changed over the past few years due to a combination of factors, including COVID, technological development and advances in communications.

The old ways and the old days of simply placing a recruitment ad in the local papers are gone forever.


Workforce recruitment is now global

For starters, the recruitment pool for most modern companies is now global in scope. That fact alone means you can now target ‘world’s-best’ candidates to hire for your business; to either work remotely, or on-site. But hiring globally also entails a host of challenges and issues that are best solved by utilising the specialized technologies, tools and services of a workforce recruitment organisation.

For example, if you’re hiring a foreigner they can assist you with knowledge of relevant employment laws, salary rates, insurances and entitlements and other relevant information for the country in which your new staff member is located. They will also have the tools and technology to assist in onboarding and managing talent even if that talent is located halfway around the world.

Access to the right candidates need not be global however, but a good workforce recruitment provider will also have an extensive network that includes hidden and hard-to-reach candidates across various industry verticals, some of whom may not be actively seeking a job.


Modern workforce recruitment utilises the latest technologies

An integral part of that ‘reach’ involves the very latest recruitment technology, designed to save both time and money in sourcing and engaging high quality candidates.

Today’s recruiters also maintain extensive databases of people actively seeking positions. They are also adept at searching online job boards and professional networking sites for candidates in any location, anywhere in the world. They may even recruit your ideal candidate through social media, with social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter being extensively utilised by savvy recruitment firms to find your right candidate.

In fact, modern recruitment organisations utilise the latest technologies to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in virtually every aspect of the talent attraction – and throughout every phase of the workforce recruitment process – from talent attraction, sourcing, screening & selection, right through to onboarding and training.


Workforce recruitment and your Employer Brand (EB)

Partnering with a workforce recruitment organisation will also cause you to take a closer look at your employer brand, an essential element in attracting quality talent and retaining them. A recent LinkedIn Report  indicates that 75% of candidates factor in employer branding before joining an organization. How’s your E.B. looking?


Workforce recruitment and the candidate experience

The candidate experience, too, is vitally important. Any organization’s culture is one of the big keys to attract talent, but it needs to be communicated via appropriate technology tools that ensures the quantity and quality of communication among all parties, hiring managers and job applicants.

The candidate experience, of course, is an integral part of your employer brand too. If it’s not great they will tell many, many people.

What else should a good workforce recruitment partner be doing to help you achieve best practice?  Many providers invest time and resources on building strong links with businesses that possess deep-reach into talent pools. You can benefit greatly from their investment in these relationships, which translates into a better understanding of relevant roles, plus coal-face knowledge about what’s happening in related markets and specialist industry segments.

A good workforce recruitment partner will also be able to assist with candidate background checks, conducting preliminary interviews and skills analysis.

They can also help with properly classifying candidates and compliantly hiring too. Classifications typically include a regular, full-time employee, part-time employee, independent contractor or freelancer. If the worker is as an independent contractor, be aware of the misclassification risks. The penalties for misclassification vary from country to country and companies face significant penalties for non-compliance.


CXC has been providing and supporting organisations with workforce recruitment services for over 30 years. With offices and services extending to over 50 countries, CXC has the resources and scale to help you with workforce management and recruitment all over the world. Why not contact us today and find out more?