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Attracting and retaining top talent. A 2022 post-pandemic guide

The world of work has changed forever. Despite the cataclysmic impact of COVID, there is now fierce competition for top talent all over the world. So how can your business come out a winner in the staff recruitment stakes?

With Asia’s job market rebounding, the competition for top talent in all industry sectors is hotting up. You need to be up-front and out there if your objective is to recruit the employees you want — and then keep them.

But before you press ‘Go’, it’s important to realise that in so many ways the goalposts have changed as a result of COVID.

Attracting top talent is now a whole new ball game

Certainly, prospective employees still prefer companies with good cultures, competitive pay and advancement opportunities, but the pandemic has added several more important items to the shopping list. Especially for Millenials and Gen Zers on the job-hunt.

For example, remote and hybrid work opportunities, flexible hours, a safe workplace and a healthy work/life balance are all important considerations for prospective employees these days. You need to incorporate them all into your employment strategy to make yourself an attractive proposition to today’s prospective candidates.

Your EVP is key to attracting the best talent

Smart companies are now formulating whole new post-pandemic Employer Value Propositions (EVP) that incorporate these new factors to differentiate themselves from the competition. Others are going even further by offering employees extra time off for Mental Health Days, Birthdays, and Personal Days etc.

Have you updated your EVP recently? You should. It’s the key to attracting, engage and retaining top talent in a hyper-competitive world.

Cast a critical post-pandemic eye over your Employer Brand and Value Proposition and put yourself in the shoes of a prospective employee. Look past salary. It’s critically important of course, but it’s just a ticket to the dance these days.

For example, Robert Half found recently that many businesses were now re-addressing the benefits packages they offer – looking beyond salary and including perks such as flexible hours, remote-working options and allowances for home office equipment. (1)

Are you attractive enough?

In a world of work that is fast changing – and evolving still – it’s no longer ‘all about the money’ as employers throughout the region look to diversify compensation packages with a focus on employee experience and well-being rather than substantial pay increases alone.

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are the benefits we offer attractive and in tune with the times?
  • Do they differentiate us from our competitors?
  • When recruiting, does our company’s brand and culture resonate?
  • How can we improve our brand?

These days, becoming known as a business where employees want to work involves taking a fresh look at your company; it also takes time and a strategic approach.

Ways to attract top talent in 2022

Start with your company’s mission, values and branding. You need to work through all the elements that define you and form part of your culture. Do you offer the following?

Skills development and advancement opportunities within your ranks are distinguishing factors that can attract valuable talent over your competitors. As industries are forced to transform—with digitisation, for example—upskilling and reskilling is critical for all workers. So it’s essential to make this an integral part of your employer branding

Flexible hours are also a ‘given’ these days. Workers want flexible schedules to accommodate work-life balance.

Health, safety and wellness. Creating a safe work environment and offering some degree of health benefits  – including mental health – can help to distinguish you from competitors.

Accommodate family needs: We all have families and loved ones. Your workers are just like you and have important family responsibilities – as parents and caregivers – so you need to offer flexibility. As a result you’ll have a happier workplace and a more attractive EVP

A pleasant work atmosphere: Involve your staff in re-calibrating your culture and your overall work environment. Research shows it’s a key motivator, especially for younger employees.

Get word of mouth recruitment working for you

In these times of staff shortages, prospective employees have the option to pick and choose. If they like the experience your offer they will offer you their services over a long period of time. And tell others the good news. Word-of-mouth can really work for you; which is why it’s even more important that your company has a culture that both attracts and nurtures staff.

On the topic of word of mouth and recruitment, it really is a case of ‘fish where the fish are’.

Involving your existing employees in recruitment is always a good idea. Go to your best employees and ask where you could find more people like them. What do they think? Not only is it a great morale-boosting exercise for your key staff, but they are bound to suggest channels that you may never have thought of.

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