Six Ways Companies Can Quickly Secure New IT Talent

It’s true. IT people see the workplace, and the world of work, through a different lens to most other job candidates. But what are those differences, and how can you use this knowledge to recruit and secure the very best new IT talent?

IT workers across the spectrum are currently in big demand. Equally importantly, Tech worker priorities and preferences can be very different to others. That’s why employers need to make sure that their Employer Brand and the employee experience in toto embrace, reflect and promote these priorities if they wish to secure top IT Talent. From recruitment right through to retirement.

But what are these priorities?

A number of recent surveys confirm that tech workers today are looking for a cluster of core attributes in employment. These include:


Secure new IT Talent with job flexibility that includes remote and hybrid working

The pandemic affected millions of workers worldwide, and now remote and hybrid work arrangements are highly sought after by all job seekers, including tech talent. As is work/life balance and a workplace that supports family-life as well as work-life. Most recent surveys support this. For example

  • In a 2021 survey by Flexjobs of over 4,500 job seekers, 58% said they want a fully remote role post-pandemic; 39% said they preferred a hybrid setting.
  • According to PwC’s 2021 Health and Well-Being Touchstone Survey, 91% of employers said they added “flexible work arrangements” to their employee benefit due to COVID-19 and the talent shortage.
  • A 2021 WeWork survey found that 79% of C-suite executives plan to allow employees to split their time between remote work and being in the office if the job allows for it.


Secure new IT Talent by highlighting career growth, learning & development opportunities

Creating an enviable, attractive work culture should always include an emphasis on advancement, learning and development, especially for Techies.

It’s also critical to “growing” talented IT employees who have the right capabilities, but not necessarily the experience. And in a competitive talent market this has become a really important issue

Earning a reputation for excellence in these areas should form an integral part of your Employer Brand (EB), if you wish to attract a high-calibre, diverse workforce hungry to help themselves and the company succeed.


Secure new IT Talent by prioritizing Employee Well-Being

As a result of the pandemic, companies are now focusing more and more on work-life balance and the mental health of employees.

The 2021 PwC survey also revealed that:

  • 53% of employers added mental health programs to their employee benefits due to the pandemic
  • 44% of the organizations surveyed said they added or increased paid time off and wellness programs for their workforce


Secure new IT Talent by promoting your organization’s innovative technology

Does your organization offer any innovative, unique or cutting edge technology, and if so are you showcasing this as part of your IT recruitment strategy? Or at least are you showing that your company strives to innovate as an integral part of its culture.

A recent study released by Talent LMS reveals that the top turnoffs for employees, other than non-competitive salary and benefits, include

  • Limited career progression (41%)
  • Lack of flexibility in working hours (40%)
  • Lack of learning and development opportunities (32%)
  • Burnout (30%)
  • Lack of remote work options (30%)
  • Working with outdated technology (21%)


Secure new IT Talent by emphasizing culture and cause

It may sound simple, but every corporate success story starts with a great company culture, and a big part of that is having great teams and great workmates. These are, of course, all threads weaved into the same tapestry. Top IT players want to be surrounded by similar talent and learn on a daily basis.


Secure new IT Talent by casting your recruitment net as far and wide as possible

Today, the IT talent pool is global. Techies can work from anywhere. Your recruitment strategy needs to be worldwide.

Workforce Management and recruitment organisations like CXC offer Employer of Record (EOR) services that enable you to handle talent sourcing, hiring, immigration compliance, payrolling and other related services easier than ever before, for companies both large and small.

In our new post-COVID world, remote working has already become a new norm, especially for IT workers. By establishing an Employer of Record arrangement with a partner like CXC, you’ll never have to say no again to top IT talent unable to relocate. In fact, you can hire anyone, from anywhere in the world without the hassle of coming to grips with complex laws, taxes, benefits, currency exchange, or payroll issues etc.



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