Meeting the Challenge of Asia’s Talent Shortage

Asia’s talent shortage is not going away anytime soon. In fact, in the short term it will probably get worse, especially in tech sectors because of the digital revolution currently underway. So what can Asian businesses do to meet this challenge and move ahead in our shaky, post-pandemic world?

COVID 19 was a catalyst with a capital ‘C’. For example, there are now talent shortages all over the world a result of years of workday and supply chain disruptions, restrictive health regulations, border closures, minimal migration etc.

In addition, businesses have been forced to find digital ways to replace in-person interaction, and workplace and communications technology have evolved at such a rapid pace that the development of appropriate skill sets has lagged. So the current skills/talent gap is particularly acute in the tech sector.

In Asia, the world’s boomtown region pre-pandemic, these shortages have hit particularly hard. So what can businesses in Asia do to meet the staff shortage challenge?


Re-imagine how your business could operate

It’s not difficult to do if you have the right partner. CXC are workforce development specialists and can assist you to ‘re-imagine how your business works’ by providing expert advice and assistance in the following key areas:

  • Streamlined methods to recruit and hire staff globally – remote or real-world. Together with our partners, we offer an array of talent solutions, from direct sourcing, technology/IT recruitment, to building your talent pipeline and pool and recruitment vendor management
  • Workplace automation solutions that will enable you to do more with less. CXC’s technology and professional services team can advise, implement and optimise a wide range of technology solutions across many aspects of your business to help you overcome any staff shortages


Re-skill your existing staff

It’s a fact that the skills that will be most important going forward are those that are not easily replaced. Nor can they simply be pulled out of a hat. These include technology skills, computer and digital skills, cyber-security skills, quantitative and statistical skills, and problem-solving skills.

Companies need to make reskilling, learning and development a priority to empower their staff to be more agile and productive, focusing on traditionally vulnerable segments such as women, new- joiners, and those with less qualifications. Women, for instance, have been disproportionately disadvantaged by the pandemic, even though they have the potential to fill any gaps and help drive a business forward.

Upskilling will also enable your employees to adapt to new changes in technology instead of relying too much on external hires. In addition they can leverage a wealth of digital technology learning tools to give them the necessary skill sets for the future.

More importantly, you may not even need to hire new staff.


Re-build your business to suit the times

If you want to attract talent in a highly competitive environment then start acting like a magnet by rebuilding your business around a compelling and cohesive Employer Brand (EB).

The competition for staff is now global and fierce. A compelling and cohesive EB and crafted reputation will act as a super-magnet for you, for top talent worldwide. It will also generate great word of mouth, recognised by many as the most effective form of marketing there is in the employment field.

For your new EB consider workplace totems like flexible work options, health and wellness programs, innovative and compelling staff benefits like extended maternity/paternity leave, family days, period leave etc. Investing strategically to build your brand as an employer of choice will help you stand out to talent globally. It could also help make a critical difference to your recruitment success and bottom line by increasing the number of quality applicants keen to work for your company, reducing your costs per recruitment and helping to differentiate your company from your all the competitors.


Remote working is the new norm. Turn it to your advantage

All over the world businesses are meeting the challenge of staff shortages by hiring remote workers. Especially IT staff. Your business can access the global talent pool by establishing an Employer of Record (EoR) service with a specialist workforce management and recruitment partner like CXC. With it, you can hire anyone, from anywhere in the world without the hassle of coming to grips with complex laws and regulations, taxes, benefits, currency exchange, or payroll issues etc.

With remote working set to become a new working norm, an EoR represents a real investment in the future for your business. Combine an Employer of Record service with remote working and you’ll never have to say no again to top IT talent unable to relocate.


Like more information about how you can re-imagine your business to help meet the challenge of staff shortages? CXC are global workplace and workforce management specialists with offices and/or activities in over 50 countries, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. It could be the smartest move you’ll make this year.