Recruitment Industry Trends: Top 5 To Keep An Eye On in 2023

The global talent landscape is in a drought. All over the world employers are finding it tough to find suitable job candidates. Especially in tech. However, these terrible talent shortages have acted as a catalyst for a number of key recruitment trends that could dominate 2023. Read on to discover what they are and find out more about how you can meet the challenge of our global talent shortage.

Too many jobs and not enough candidates. The problem is easy to understand but extremely difficult for businesses to solve. The efforts of many companies have, however, given rise to some key recruitment trends that look set to become more prominent as 2023 unfolds.

Of these recruitment trends, here are the top 5 – according to many industry observers.

More companies will invest in developing a compelling ‘Employer Brand’ that’s right for the times

Today, employer branding is more important than ever for building brand awareness and brand pull in recruitment. Without one your business will miss out on top candidates. In addition, your EB needs to be right for the times, incorporating totems like flexible work options, an emphasis on employee health & wellness, family-friendly and diversity & inclusion policies etc.

In a highly competitive talent market, a compelling employer brand is critical to attracting the best talent. Even better, it can also significantly reduce your cost of recruitment.

More companies will ensure a five-star candidate experience to generate positive word of mouth for their business

The candidate experience is not just an important part of your employer brand, it’s also a vitally important stand-alone if you wish to attract new talent. First impressions count. Not only in our personal lives but also in our professional lives.

In 2023 companies will strive to do more on every level to attract and impress candidates during all stages of the recruitment process; because they will tell friends and colleagues all about it.

Businesses will become more proactive in their recruiting methodology

In order to attract scarce talent in 2023, recruiters will be forced to use more aggressive marketing strategies to attract applicants.

Known as Recruitment Marketing, this new discipline is all about using all the tools at your disposal: careers sites, social media, employee stories, job ads, employer branding, SEO and automation to deliver a personalised, compelling and attractive impression for all your potential applicants.

This is a new world for many recruitment and HR teams. Creating content and building website landing pages isn’t what most people think of when they consider pursuing a career in HR. But with competition for talent at an all-time high, exploring new ways of doing things is the path to securing the best candidates.

Modern recruitment marketing is all about showing the right message, to the right people, at the right time, in the right place in order to present an attractive employer brand across all channels.

Businesses will use A.I. and recruitment automation to better their competition

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a big buzzword in the recruitment industry. AI and machine learning algorithms can be best utilised in a number of recruitment areas, including profile matching, chat engagement, business predictions, etc.

2023 will also see many more recruiting and staffing firms turning to automation for simplifying repetitive tasks and reducing admin work and making the whole process more efficient and faster.
In fact, around 72% of employers predict that elements of their talent acquisition processes will be fully automated within the next decade, whilst a recent survey found that 50% of firms already use AI to source and screen candidates, in addition to using it to schedule them for interviews.

More businesses will create and maintain their own talent pools to deliver more control over recruitment and hiring

In a highly competitive talent market, businesses need to search every possible source to address their skills shortage. One of the best approaches in these times is through internal and external talent pools since businesses today simply have no choice but to search broadly outside and within their workplaces. Building and nurturing a warm talent pool of external and internal candidates is now considered the best way to locate and nurture top talent, with companies increasingly building talent pools to:

– Help cut recruitment costs
– Shorten the time-to-hire and entire hiring cycle
– Identify quality candidates for future requirements

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