Six Helpful Tips to Attract and Retain Top Talent Now

As the world awakes from COVID, the strategies companies are using to attract and retain top talent are evolving. Fast. How can you keep up? Here’s a few tips and thought-starters from staff at CXC Global, an international workforce recruitment and management company with decades of experience in the recruitment field.


As many employers know, we are in the midst of a world war – a war for talent.

Businesses cannot find talent. Then there is talk of the great resignation and people re-assessing their work-life balance, with the word work writ small.

Good talent is hard to find. And extremely painful to lose. To meet the challenge and outsmart their competition, employers need to up their game. So what can you do to attract and retain top talent?


Re-assess your Employer Brand (EB) to attract top talent

In today’s world, word of mouth is all-powerful and your EB is key to attracting the best talent. Smart companies are now formulating whole new post-pandemic Employer Brand propositions that incorporate relevant new sell-points such as flexible, remote/hybrid working, mental health days and extra days off, to differentiate themselves from the competition and make them more attractive to potential employees.

Cast a critical post-pandemic eye over your Employer Brand. Look past salary. What can you do to stand out?

Re-imagine your Company Culture to attract and retain top talent

A company’s culture is key to building a vibrant, satisfying and meaningful work experience for all employees. And it’s complex and multi-faceted.

For example, recruiting a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Its positive effects on culture and business performance are well-documented. A strong diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy can help companies attract talent. For example, in a recent Beqom survey of 1,000 employed adults, 48% said they’d consider switching to another company if it had a well developed DEI strategy.

The pandemic has also been a hyper-catalyst for a long overdue focus on employee health and wellbeing.

According to Wellable’s 2021 Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report, mental health is today at the top of everyone’s mind. In part because of the pandemic.

Today worksite health promotion is increasingly being viewed as an investment in a business’ most important asset – its employees – with ROI/benefits that include:

  • Attracting the most talented workers
  • Reducing absenteeism and lost time
  • Improving on-the-job time utilization, decision making and productivity
  • Improving employee morale
  • Reduction in turnover
  • A healthier workforce in general


Want to attract top talent? Reconfigure your employee benefits

Recent research shows that 88% of workers feel the meaning of “success” has changed, and they’re now prioritizing work-life balance, mental health, and having a meaningful job over a regular salary. Employers will need to respond decisively and creatively to this new way of work if they want to attract and retain top tech talent amidst an employee-driven market.

To win your preferred candidates, you need to look beyond the traditional elements of company mission and purpose and competitive pay to consider the employee experience. It’s becoming especially important to millennials and members of Generation Z who make up a significant and growing share of the modern workforce.


Don’t limit yourself geographically to attract top talent

Communications technology today has evolved, in part because of the pandemic, to the point where it’s easier than ever to work productively with talented people anywhere in the world.

If the best talent is located in another country, then hire them and set up a remote working arrangement. Studies show that remote workers are happier and more productive than their counterparts who are stuck in the office.


Offer professional development opportunities

Today’s workers care a great deal about professional development. Make your company stand out from the pack by making professional development a top priority. Employee engagement and employee retention go hand in hand. Learning and development opportunities, for example, help employees feel both personal and professional fulfillment.


Promote candidates internally to retain top talent

Make it a habit to promote candidates internally. This will attract top talent because many of them are interested in climbing the corporate ladders. They will want to join your company because it increases their chances of advancement.


Invest in new technologies to attract top talent

Candidates with the highest talent potential want to use innovative technology. Upgrade your tools, apps, and devices. Not only will this heighten the interest of the best candidates, the rest of your team will become more engaged and more productive too.



Like to know more about strategies to attract and retain top talent in 2022 and beyond? Or how workforce management & recruitment companies like CXC can help you create a more successful future? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today!