Alex – Contractor

“Having been a freelance contractor working for years internationally, trying to stay on top of my accounts and salary payments etc was very difficult when working in countries with poor communications, no access to internet to check bank statements and payments online. I changed the payment solutions companies, that were suppose to be taking care of all this, many times due to the errors, delays and mistakes that I found. Also difficult to rectify when travelling internationally due to phone costs, time differences etc. In 2010, I started using the services of CXC to take care of my payments and since then I have not had one single payment with an error. The payments are made into the bank on time usually within the same week as the payment falls due. When I compare this with previous companies the difference is black and white. CXC operate like clockwork. A very professional company with a pleasant and helpful staff.” With CXC, I have found that they take the worry out of the payments process.”

Alex Loughran, Contractor

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