Medibank – Client

“Medibank has a strong commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce. We believe that CXC is a partner that strongly aligns to our values in this area, and our partnership has enabled us to improve employment outcomes to help address the long-term disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

As part of this commitment, CXC reviewed our Reconciliation Action Plan and identified the need for a suitably-vetted specialist panel to focus on the recruitment of Indigenous contractor workers. After consultation with indigenous groups, CXC reached out to a number of indigenous-owned sourcing suppliers that had the capability to deliver corporate roles.

Over the last six months, CXC has been successful in screening and ultimately engaging with a number of  Indigenous recruitment partners. Although still relatively new, Medibank and CXC’s recruitment panel has enabled us to hire resources through these partnerships.

The CXC team has done so well to embed smart, streamlined sourcing through Indigenous-owned suppliers, and I’m proud to be a part of this initiative. Together, we’re working towards closing the gap in an inclusive and diverse workforce, where there are equal employment opportunities for all Australians.”

Carrie Harding, Contingent Workforce Engagement Lead

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