The Asian View of Work Has Changed

The basic concept of working in Asia has changed fundamentally, according to a recent Today Youth Survey in Singapore.

The survey showed two in five young workers in that city intended to switch jobs in the next six months. Of more interest was the fact that over half of all survey respondents said they would not accept a job if it did not offer a remote work option.

66% of respondents also stated they strongly supported Singapore moving to a four day week, even if it mean working longer hours

Those figures reflect an amazing transformation in terms of how people perceive work; especially in Asia. It also has profound implications – and new opportunities – for employers seeking access to the very best talent available, globally.


Welcome to the new world of Remote Working

The phenomenon of remote working, and the consequent digital nomad lifestyle, has swept over the entire world like a tsunami in the past three years. In fact, around 70% of the global workforce are already working remotely at least once a week.

And workers, especially the upcoming generations, love it. In a very real sense, remote working has become the silver lining in the dark cloud of COVID that we have all been forced to endure.

The benefits, of course, are plain to see. Among them are:

  • Better work/life balance
  • Safety & health
  • Less time commuting, etc

A 2022 IDC survey reveals that more than 56% of employees in the Asia/Pacific region want flexible work with options to work both in the office and remotely, even beyond the pandemic.

Taking remote working to its logical next step is the rise of another phenomenon known as digital nomadism; where workers can choose to live anywhere irrespective of what they do for work.


Beyond remote. The rise of the digital nomad

The concept is Asian in origin, with the term having been first coined by Japanese technologist Tsugio Makimoto in his 1997 book of the same name that predicted the coming of digital nomads. Makimoto believed remote working would eventually force nations “to compete for citizens” (Prescient; Think of the current worldwide IT talent shortage) and that digital nomad-ism would prompt “declines in materialism and nationalism” and lead to a better world.

In fact, there are already 35 million digital nomads worldwide, with the trend being driven by technology, a growing demand for flexible workspace, and the increasing adoption of remote and hybrid work by workers everywhere.


Employers & Remote Working?

Surprisingly, the business world and smart employers have quickly embraced the concept of remote working. They can see it’s a win/win situation.

Modern companies no longer care about their workers’ physical location, so long as they can deliver on agreed objectives. Already in 2022, 16% of companies in the world are 100% remote. In addition around 62% of employees aged 22 to 65 globally say they work remotely at least occasionally.

Accordingly, remote working options have also become an integral part of many businesses’ Employer Brand; making them an employer of choice for many job seekers.


How can remote work help tackle the global talent shortage

For business, remote working can also serve to significantly broaden your talent sourcing horizons and provide much-needed flexibility in scaling your dream global team.

In order to take full advantage of the global talent pool and all the advantages that remote working provides, savvy businesses today are making the logical move to partner with a specialist workforce management and recruitment partner like CXC to establish an Employer of Record service.


Employer of Record (EoR): Employ anyone from anywhere

An Employer of Record (EoR) service is an essential business tool in the new world of work. What is it? Effectively, it’s an organization that takes over all the legal and administrative responsibilities associated with employing staff on your behalf; including onboarding and payroll, taking care of tax and compliance issues, and setting up your employees’ statutory local benefits. No matter where they are located.

Boasting extensive local knowledge, an Employer of Record can also support you with foreign exchange and in-country money movement, insurances and arranging work permits and visas for expat employees.

In today’s post-COVID world, where remote working is already the new norm, an EoR structure will become an even more valuable asset for your business, enabling you to employ anyone from anywhere. Fast as lightning! So you’ll never have to say no again to top talent unable to relocate.

Equally importantly, you can rest easy knowing that every member of your remote workforce are fully compliant with labor and legal requirements and regulations, no matter where they are.

Says Peter Oreb, Global CEO at CXC and a key figure in the Asian remote working revolution: “We have seen close-up how smart and agile companies are quickly adapting to the new way of  working, where employing remote workers, digital nomads and a variety of contingent worker types doesn’t raise any issues. In fact, we’ve also seen how this digital diversity can truly enrich a corporate culture”.

“We are specialists in this field and can assist businesses down this path in all sorts of ways, but establishing an EoR is the real game-changer step for them. It’s an essential business tool in the new world of work. It’s now obvious to all that the future of work is remote, but is your business future-ready? We can leap-frog you there”

“It’s now obvious to all that the future of work is remote, but is your business future-ready?”

Peter Oreb; Global CEO at CXC


Investing strategically in remote working and hiring as an employer of choice will help you really stand out to top talent. It will help make a critical difference to your recruitment success and bottom line by streamlining all processes, increasing the number of quality applicants keen and available to work for your company, reducing your costs and helping to differentiate your company from your also-ran competitors.

The future of work is remote. Make sure you are at the forefront of that change.


Like to know more about how CXC can help you attract and retain top talent for your business, including remote workers from all over the world? Like to know more about our EoR services? Or are you a remote worker looking to connect with like-minded companies? We are global workforce management and recruitment specialists with staff on the ground in over 50 countries, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.