Timely Tips for Landing your Dream Job in IT

Ever wondered why some IT job seekers land a dream job yet others don’t? As with nearly everything in life, it’s pretty much all about being prepared. So here’s some timely tips to help you get ready for success.

Though many global recruiters will tell you there are jobs galore available in IT at present, it’s still the case that highly sought after jobs attract heaps of applicants.

So how do you ensure you’re at the top of every employer’s list of candidates?

It’s not rocket science but it does require a disciplined and determined approach.


Want that dream job in IT?

Read your dream job description twice

It’s not a joke. By carefully combing through the job description you can get a precise idea of exactly what the business in question is looking for. Scope out an ideal candidate profile and ‘fit’ yours into it. For any specific skills you lack, look for ways to improve – for example, an online course, a certification, etc.


Look for how you can add value each and every day

Demonstrate to the employer where you can add real value to their business. Unbundle your skills set, explain how they would be a perfect fit for to the company and why you are the best person for the role.


Showcase a compelling personal brand

First impressions count, so give yourself the best possible look. How would they expect a person in your position to dress? Shake hands firmly, smile and look the person in the eye. Highlight any community involvement activities and professional affiliations you have. If appropriate, think about how to improve your screen presence. The internet is filled with helpful advice!


Show them you have done your homework

Employers are always looking for someone who has done a bit extra. Before an interview research the company. Being knowledgeable shows the hiring manager you have invested time and effort in the exercise. It also tells them how much you want the job.


Tell stories

Hiring managers read CV’s every day with impactless phrases like “excellent communication skills” and “great team players”. But the candidates that really stand out are those that tell stories to demonstrate their skills. For example when telling them about how you are highly organized and work to deadlines, demonstrate it with a situation where you overcame obstacles  and completed a project before deadline, and above expectations. Everybody loves stories and it’s a great way to paint a memorable picture of you, your passion and your excitement for your work.


Focus on your CV

Your CV, of course, is a mission-critical document throughout the entire hiring process. It gets you past first base and it’s the document that’s passed around for review and either a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’. Make sure it’s up to date, looks modern and presents your best achievements in a compelling way. Hiring managers rarely read each CV in full so make sure it’s as easy as possible for them to find the relevant information.


Customize your application

The days of a ‘one size fits all’ application are over and tailoring is key to helping you stand out. Try and keep all your communication relevant to the position you are applying for. Use the company’s language and terminology and frame things according to their business context.

On a wider front, make sure you update, or polish up, your Linked In profile and brief any referees on what job you are applying for and what they could say about you that might help. You should also update your profile on any job-seeking sites you’ve used in the past, adding relevant terms and deleting outdated information.

Make sure too that all your certifications are updated. In today’s world they are as important as academic degrees, if not more so.

Apart from these timely tips, approach any job application by putting in some time and effort, complemented by a diligent and purposeful approach. Then, as the ancient Persian proverb says: ‘Go and wake up your luck!’

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