Job Actually: Helpful Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

The global talent shortage means it’s a jobseekers’ paradise almost everywhere. So there’s never been a better time to seek out and secure your dream job. CXC has specialised in the workforce management and recruitment fields globally for 30 years now, and here are some tips from our expert staff on how to actually land your dream job. It all starts with unleashing your inner Hannibal…

Unleash your inner Hannibal? Yes. Our first big tip is to mentally prepare yourself to succeed; to do whatever it takes by marrying planning with perseverance.

Hannibal, the great general from ancient Carthage who challenged the might of ancient Rome by occupying most of southern Italy for 15 years, was considered the Roman empire’s greatest enemy. A master strategist, he once asserted: “I will either find a way or make one.”

In your dream job search, be like Hannibal.

Once you’ve attained a Carthaginian mindset, then you need to methodically and thoroughly execute the following:


Dream Job Tip #1: Do a wart & all evaluation of yourself

Execute a personal/professional SWOT analysis. What are your strengths? What experience and skillsets do you have? What can you offer employers that’s a cut above? Write them all down and summarise. Be honest. Be ruthless.


Dream Job Tip #2: Actually determine what your dream job is

What is your ideal position? What does your dream job look like? Is it full time, hybrid or remote? What company? Or what type of company? In what industry sector do you wish to work?


Dream Job Tip #3: Re-draft/update all your job application literature

Now, go back through your outcomes from Tips #2 and #3 and write – or rewrite – your resume, CV and covering letter(s), as well as some signature paragraphs about your professional self that you can use as introduction pieces or post online. Write an ad or develop a 2-minute elevator chat about yourself and practice on family and friends. Ask for their opinion and/or suggestions.


Dream Job Tip #4: Put yourself out there and establish an online presence

Start engaging with online job sites and professional and social media. Why not create a professional website containing your portfolio, resume and anything else relevant to your goals. Include a professional photo of yourself, contact page, a detailed bio and work samples.


Dream Job Tip #5: Build recruiter and referral databases

Identify and database all relevant recruiters in your preferred industry/job sector, then contact them – via email and phone. If possible meet them for coffee and a chat. They will have heaps of advice for you, Hannibal. Send in a tailored CV and follow up. Position them all as your partner(s) in this quest and work to build relationships.

Any investment you make now with professional recruiters could pay off handsomely in times to come. In any case, there is no better feeling than when someone else is doing the hard yards for you.


Dream Job Tip #6: Build a dream employer database and work it

What are the companies you want to work for? Research them, build a contacts list then adopt the same partnership approach you’ve used for recruiters. Follow up, send them relevant information from time to time. Show your commitment and enthusiasm and keep in touch. Once you’ve planted the seed, the plant will grow.


Dream Job Plan #7: Join relevant industry groups and professional associations

There’s no surer way to land your dream job than getting belly-to-belly with people already working in your preferred industry. Talk yourself up at every opportunity and position yourself as a dream employee!


Dream Job Tip #8: Cultivate a network of co-workers, friends, mentors, teachers and other professionals

Everyone knows someone looking for something; or someone like you. Build and develop your network properly and your dream job may emerge naturally. No effort required.


Dream Job Tip #9: Make yourself an interesting person

Make sure your resume includes any volunteer or community involvement, as well as any memberships or board positions you may hold. Include a ‘Personal Interests” section in your application or even a short paragraph or two on what type of person you are. Sell yourself on a human level. Inside every business suit is someone just like you.


CXC is celebrating 30 years of operations in all significant aspects of workforce management. We are experts in the talent sourcing field and can assist you to find your dream job – or if you are an employer then we can help find your ideal employees.
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