A Guide to Digital Employee Onboarding

Want to know how digital employee onboarding can make a great impact in your company? Read our digital HR onboarding guide.


New employee onboarding is a key internal process that organizations must strengthen to prevent a high employee turnover rate. According to the Brandon Hall Group, companies with a strong onboarding process have 82% employee retention and 70% productivity. A poor onboarding process can lead to 1 in 5  new hires unlikely to recommend an employer after their onboarding experience.

The ongoing pandemic has reinforced more companies to adopt the new online business environment. With remote work and hiring international talent becoming more common with industries aiming for global growth, HR onboarding solutions has also transformed in this digital age.


What is digital employee onboarding?

 Digital employee onboarding, also known as remote onboarding, uses digital tools and software to onboard or integrate new employees into the organization. It enables companies to create a cost-effective and efficient onboarding process in one virtual platform.

Digital onboarding solutions include 24/7 centralized access to information and a personalized onboarding experience for employees through self-paced learning during training. It reduces the manual process of producing paperwork and cuts down costs on printing and other training resources.


Digital Onboarding Traditional Onboarding



Additional costs for paper and printing, storage for documents, work hours on training and completing the paperwork for the new hires  

The digital onboarding platform has all the tools that can save money and time on processing the paperwork and hiring trainers


Error Resolution


A digital process and workflow ensures errors are resolved right away without any costs and delay


Manually processing new hire paperwork is time-consuming and prone to human errors, which can be more costly due to more paper use and delays



Information Security


Software security is constantly updated to strengthen security features and compliance



Important files with sensitive information are locked in filing cabinets



Employee Engagement


Digital onboarding is interactive and personalized to boost employee engagement


Onboarding is presentation-based and discussion from trainers with little engagement from the new hires



Employee Safety


Training is done remotely where employees can complete their onboarding at home or anywhere during the ongoing pandemic



Aside from the pandemic and other safety hazards,  it’ll take a lot of effort for the employee to fill out paperwork and fulfil other requirements onsite when it can be done remotely


Benefits of Digital Onboarding

 Here’s how digital employee onboarding can make a great impact in your company:

1. Efficiency

Digital onboarding saves a considerable amount of time and paperwork for both the HR and new hires. With one unified platform to access information, complete activities, and sign digital documents through e-signature, the entire process is automated and streamlined to enhance the employee onboarding experience.

2. Secured digital storage

Most digital onboarding software have robust security features to ensure data safety and accuracy.

3. Improved employee engagement

Digital onboarding is designed to be interactive and with more creative learning approaches to boost employee engagement.

4. Easier tracking and management

With a centralized platform, manage onboarding requests with ease and track the progress of each new hire through every onboarding stage.

Best practices in digital employee onboarding

Here are a few tips to create an effective and smooth digital onboarding for new hires: 

Prepare all materials and tools needed before the onboarding begins

  • Set up employee email accounts, logins and access to different departments
  • Review and update training modules
  • Create welcome kits
  • Make a schedule for different onboarding meetings and activities
  • Prepare all digital documents


Make a diagram of the whole onboarding process

Visualize the entire flow of the onboarding program. This can serve as a checklist of all the processes involved from pre-boarding until the new hires become active employees.


Create excitement at the start of the onboarding

Send an email to the entire company to welcome the new hires. Give new hires a good head start by making them curious about what’s in store for them in the onboarding program and the exciting opportunities they will experience in the company.


Set timelines and metrics

Digital onboarding involves instructor-led, team-building sessions and self-paced learning. Set expectations when it comes to completing the tasks. Measure the average time it takes to finish an activity. Check in frequently to make sure that the schedules are followed.


Assign regular feedback schedules

Part of the onboarding process is providing feedback to new hires. Encourage them to ask questions and give constructive assessments of their progress.



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