Are You a Procurement Professional? Digital Millenial Meetup

Attention Procurement Professionals!

We’re coming up on the August Millennial Meetup hosted by Ali Music with Sourcing Industry Group. This is the 3rd meeting, and if you’ve not attended one of the previous ones, you’re certainly missing out! This FREE meetup for all SIG members & non-members!

Taking place tomorrow (August 25, 2 PM EST), Mark Richardson and CXC’s Konner Scherry will be joining Ali Music in an open dialogue with some of the leading Millennial Procurement Professionals within the industry.

You DON’T want to miss out on this time to chat with buy & sell side professionals on some of the current hot trends.

This month, we’ll be discussing two main topics:
1. Implementing Change/New Technology within your organization
2. COVID-19 Implications on Work/Working Remote (New Normal?!)

Looking forward to catching up with old friends, and new faces who would like to join us tomorrow!

Reach out to Ali Music directly if you are interested in attending!