Contingent Workforce and Global Partnership Insights

Listen to John and Mark on this podcast to learn more about Staffing, Managed Service Programs, Risk and Compliance.

CXC partners with companies to help them manage all aspects of their contingent workforce globally.

Check out this podcast conversation with John Smith, Managing Director CXC Global Americas. In this Episode 36, Mark and John discuss some of the nuances of working with colleagues both domestic and abroad, and the cultural differences of populations around the world, specifically around work ethic.

This is a great podcast for those who are interested in learning more about

  • Staffing
  • Managed Service Programs
  • Risk and Compliance

From his first job as a paper boy, to working for Budweiser in College (yes he wore the “Budman costume”), the hospitality industry and he talks about how he leveraged those skills into his role today, working in the global contingent workforce management community.   .


“You’ve got to have passion to get out of bed in the morning.





Listen to the podcast right here from the Beers and Careers Podcast.

Enjoyed the conversation and more importantly appreciate the global partnership with . John Smith

CXC are grateful to The Davis Companies & Eric-John Davis, CCWP for the interview with John and  appreciate the opportunity to speak and reflect on John’s time in the global Contingent Workforce Industry and earlier days with .

Contact us directly to speak with John or one of our team and find out more about our global solutions for engaging and managing your employed and self-employed contingent workers and independent contractors.  CXC’s proprietary platform CXC Comply provides compliant vetting for your remote workforce.  Engage talent anywhere, rapidly and compliantly with CXC.