Expand your business with an International PEO Company

CXC are delighted to be have been selected in The Best PEO Companies report published by DesignRush.

Part of CXC’s mission is to educate and facilitate companies to navigate the intricacies of managing international workers.

For an increasing number of companies, workforce strategy now includes the remote workforce  and foreign workers.  Additional changes to the way we work in 2020 has increased the necessity of adopting new workforce policies to include contingent workers / freelancers / independent contractors / remote workers in addition to full time employees.  The way full time employees are engaged and managed has also had an overhaul.

To simplify and streamline their global expansion plans many smart companies, big and small, are utilizing an international PEO.

At CXC, we’ve been managing international employees and independent contractors for our clients since our inception in 1992.  We provide the solution to enable companies to hire employees in foreign countries, alleviating the need for them to establish local entity.  An international PEO acts as a third party to hire the workers on the client’s behalf, while managing the risk and ensuring compliance.

Using an international PEO allows a company to to employ workers in a foreign country, without necessarily having their own entity setup in a country.

Whether you are looking to expand your business internationally or needing to hire project based workers, an international PEO manages the employment contracts, including onboarding, right to work and ongoing management.

CXC’s proprietary platform, CXC Comply automates the onboarding process and ensures compliance with local laws.

Benefits of CXC include:

  • 28+ years experience as an international PEO
  • 35+ in-country owned offices, provide local EOR services
  • 64 + countries with global capability
  • Multiple languages spoken
  • Centralized invoicing and payments to workers in local currency

In our previous article, we explain the difference between and international EOR, international PEO and a GEO.  We provide the solution for the most efficient, cost effective and compliant global employment solution, with CXC acting as your international PEO.

Hiring and managing a global workforce can be daunting, even for the most seasoned human resource professional.  Partnering with a company that provides visibility, ongoing management, reporting and transparency is key.  Our key regional offices work together to provide compliant onboarding international payroll and ongoing management for your new hires, that is fast and most importantly, accurate.

CXC is a global HR outsourcing organization with 30 years of experience in workforce management. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions help companies gain a competitive advantage by improving efficiency while reducing risks

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