Gain access to top talent in North America

Expand your talent sourcing business into North America

Do you have roles that you’re struggling to fill?  Are you looking for the best talent to join your organization? Have you considered expanding your business to North America, but not sure how to go about it?

We all know that the search for top talent continues around the world, even with all the recent layoffs by some of the world’s largest tech companies. As companies like yours are seeking to obtain the best talent to join their organizations – both as full time and contract / temporary workers – many are looking to North America to access the talent they need.

Why expand your business to North America

Now you can expand your organization’s global search and fulfillment capabilities to North America, without the hassles and headaches associated with setting up a local entity in the USA or Canada.

Why might you decide to do that? Let’s say, your clients are already well established in your region, and they need to identify talent in new areas to satisfy specific needs available in other regions around the world. Sound familiar? By expanding your talent sourcing solutions to North America, you gain access to a whole new pool of full time and contract (temporary) workers.

How to expand to North America

But the key question here is, how can you do that, when you don’t already have a registered business setup?

The answer is quite simple. Expand your talent sourcing solutions to North America by partnering with an industry leading North American Employer of Record like CXC Global. There has never been a better opportunity than now.

The year end earnings are in and there’s been tens of thousands of layoffs from big companies like GoogleMicrosoftAmazon and Facebook, spurred by rising interest rates and falling stock prices. Now is your time to snap up that top talent, and CXC can help you do that.

Engage top talent in North America

CXC Global North America will act as your local employer or agent of record for your employed contractors and freelancers.  We manage onboarding and offboarding from start to finish and are responsible for all the employer obligations, without the hassle of setting up locally.

This includes:

  • Bi-weekly payment to your worker / freelancer (USA & Canada)
  • All required federal and state / provincial taxes withholding (USA / Canada)
  • Access to Health Care compliant with Affordable Care Act (USA) and Canadian Medicare, Canada’s universal, publicly funded health system.
  • Sick leave as mandated by state and provincial requirements (USA & Canada)
  • Independent Contractor assessments for freelance qualified work
  • Corp. to Corp. arrangements

Both Canada and USA are experiencing worker shortages and while employment laws vary from your home country, CXC can assist your company and your clients to reach qualified talent while removing the barriers and complexity of engaging workers throughout North America.

Whether you hire one worker or build an entire team across the USA or Canada, CXC’s Employer of Record and Agency of Record solutions means there’s no need to set up an entity or register your business locally.

We take on the legal responsibility of your workers. But what does that actually mean, you might ask? We ensure full regulatory compliance, manage onboarding, payroll, expenses, insurance, and benefits, so you don’t need to.

CXC keeps it simple: No set-up, on-boarding, off-boarding, termination or system maintenance fees. A simple on-boarding process. No local entity or registrations required. And unlike a lot of other providers, with CXC there are no hidden fees! In fact, we pride ourselves on our transparency. This way, you know exactly where you stand right from the get go and can budget accordingly.  So when it comes to invoice time, you’ll be able to reconcile like a champion!

We can have the workers you identify up and running within days.

It’s that simple.

If you’d like to know how, schedule a call with one of our friendly team!


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