Get the benefits of hiring contingent workers without the potential risks

Learn more about CXC's Employment of Record service in North America.

Do you require the help of temporary workers to accomplish day-to-day tasks? Are you a startup that needs to engage workers?

Outsourcing your back office Human Resources and Payroll functions to an Employer of Record (EOR) service can reduce your risk, while enabling you to gain the benefits of using contingent workers. If you require the help of temporary workers to accomplish day-to-day tasks, you should be outsourcing your back office Human Resources and Payroll functions to an Employer of Record (EOR) service.

CXC partners with companies, who utilize contingent labor (staffing organizations, independent recruiters, and corporations) to enable and manage back office administrative tasks, control cost and improve profit while reducing the risk involved in utilizing a contingent workforce.

As your Employer of Record, CXC will employ your W-2 contingent workers, take over Human Resources and Payroll functions and ensure compliance with all labor laws and regulations. In this process, your company (staffing organization, independent recruiter or corporation) recruits the contingent workers and CXC Global USA acts as their Employer of Record (W-2 employees USA)

CXC is one of the largest global employers of contingent workers (contractors, freelancers, seasonal workers, contract to hire and project based workers) in the world with current compliant workforce solutions in over 60 countries servicing over 10,000 employed and self employed contractors monthly. Our regionally located compliance teams (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia with affiliate partners in Brazil, Mexico & Africa) are fully experienced in the local customs and global requirements of payroll, legal, insurance, risk management, human resources and finance enabling you to benefit from their knowledge of industry best practices and expertise.

Our dedicated team will handle your contingent worker payroll and compensation processing, tax remittance, human resource management, invoicing, and insurance at a significantly lower cost and risk of employing them directly. CXC can also provide employed W-2 contingent workers with referrals to personal health benefits through our partner network. We provide cost-effective contractor management solutions for your contingent workers (alumni, retirees, project based, summer interns or internally / externally sourced) and other types of workers sourced through internal / external recruitment and referral sources.



  • All employment contracts, applications and required forms with contract workers
  • Optional contractor access to employee benefits (medical, dental, life insurance)
  • Optional background checks (criminal, credit, drug, education)
  • On/Off-Boarding process and HR Management of workers
  • Payroll processing, including:
  • Weekly time card collection and tracking
  • Distribution of weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payroll (live check or direct deposit)
  • Statutory Retirement withholding (employee and employer)
  • Statutory Medical withholding (employee and employer)
  • Federal, State Income Tax Withholding (employee and employer)
  • State and Federal Unemployment Withholding
  • Insurance while on assignment (General Liability, Workers Compensation, Errors and Omissions)
  • Year-end Tax Forms for contractors

Working in partnership with CXC North America, we will customize a process for on-boarding a contingent worker that integrates with your current workforce solution and combines best practices from our local and global expertise. CXC will create a simple and unique solution to save you administrative task, minimize risk and assert financial controls.