Global Employer of Record. What you need to know.

Find out what you need to know about using a global employer of record to rapidly and compliantly engage global workers.

Looking to rapidly and compliantly engage workers anywhere in the world?

Our global teams are asked questions every day about how to engage workers around the world compliantly. If you are a business in the United States wanting to onboard workers offshore, whether for a new role or as a part of your global business expansion strategy, a global employer or record may be just the right fit for you.  We’ve listed below some of the questions we are frequently asked, along with the answers you need to know.

How can I engage a worker in another country?

Utilizing a global employer of record partner allows any company to compliantly engage, manage and payroll workers anywhere around the world.

Is an EOR the best solution for me?

If you’re engaging or looking to engage workers globally and want to ensure these workers are paid and managed compliantly based on their in-country regulations, an EOR is the best solution.

How is a global worker paid?

Workers around the world must be paid in their local currency and at pay periods set by local governments. Most workers are paid a flat monthly rate.

How does paid time off differ around the world?

Workers around the world generally receive between three to four weeks vacation time annually. All public holidays are set by the local governments; sick maternity and any other extenuating leave is also set by the local government.

Can I hire independent contractors?

Yes. Utilizing CXC and our proprietary compliance platform CXC Comply, Independent Contractors can be compliantly classified, engaged and payments made.

Are there termination requirements for global workers?

Every country has different termination notices required for workers, ranging from 2 weeks upwards depending on tenure, time and position.

What if I need a worker in a country where CXC does not have a current solution?

CXC will assess the worker to see if they qualify as an independent or Corp. to Corp. worker.

Do PEO’s exist outside the United States?

PEO is a term more commonly used and known in the United States.  The equivalent of a PEO in the U.S. does not exist globally, which is why for 29 years we have referred to it as in-country Employer of Record.

What kind of support will our international employees receive from HR?

CXC’s in-country offices manage all HR interactions with the workers and liaise with CXC’s USA office for any questions you, the client, may have.

Is there a required minimum number of employees to get started?

CXC can service any number of employees.  There is no minimum.  Whether it’s for 1 employee or hundreds, you will receive the same service.

About CXC Global

Since its inception in 1992, CXC’s International Employer of Record solution compliantly services more than 75 countries worldwide. With over 30 local in-country offices, 185 team members, speaking over 25 languages, spread across the globe, our global footprint and experience enables us to mobilize a global workforce solution for all your workers.

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