Global Payroll Week

This week marks the kick off for the third annual Global Payroll Week (GPW) from April 27 through to May 1, hosted by the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI)

Global Payroll Week coincides with International Worker’s Day which is aimed at bringing more attention to workers and celebrates global payroll professionals and companies around the globe, while providing a platform for further training, education, upskilling and networking opportunities.


Workers around the world are going through some of the most challenging times since the 2nd world war.   As businesses are ordered or asked to close or socially distance by governments to protect the well being of their citizens, workers are being laid off and furloughed at historic levels. When the world get back to business, we are unsure what that new normal will be.  Payroll companies will be on the forefront ensuring workers are paid and properly classified. Many workers will explore and possible stay in the private,  independent and self-employed sector performing projects and delivering services.  Governments will want to ensure proper classification and taxation. Companies like CXC Global with our 28 year history will be ready to assist our clients and partners with proper compliance classification and contractors with quick access to payments.  John Smith, Managing Director, CXC Americas 


Voting daily for the Global Payroll Titan has closed, but you can sign up to have content delivered to your inbox during GPW.   You can also gain access to webinars and related events.


With over 28 years experience with global payroll of self employed and employed contractors in over 70 countries, CXC is recognized as a global leader and trusted partner, providing insight and compliant contractor payroll and management solutions. We partner with many organizations to enable global growth and expansion through a centralized program specifically designed for your business.  We know how to payroll workers around the world!  It’s also part of our mission to educate individuals and companies around the world on how to implement compliant solutions in keeping with local in-country laws and we have been honored to continue to provide key notes and articles for our extended global network.


If you’d like to know more about our global solutions, please contact one of our specialists directly.