Gratitude for Contingent and Remote Workers Worldwide

Our gratitude to the contingent and remote workers worldwide for their continued hard work in challenging times and to our extended network.

As thanksgiving draws near, each year we take a moment to acknowledge and give thanks.

The last 12-24 months have been a challenging time for all of humanity.  Businesses and workers have faced major disruption on a global scale.

Thankfully, technology has enabled businesses to adapt their operations in many cases.  For many, working from home has become the new normal.  Likewise, workers in remote areas have been given new opportunities to secure work.

While the world struggled with a health crisis, businesses were shut down and people lost jobs, we also witnessed the resilience of the human spirit and the desire to overcome the challenges we faced.

Thankfully, through our established business, we were able to assist many companies around the world to continue with their workforce engagement, expand and engage talent overseas or setup remote teams.

We are grateful for our own internal teams for their hard work over this period, the leadership team who kept us on course, our partners and clients for continued support and all the many thousands of contingent and remote workers around the world for their continued efforts.

While there are still challenges ahead, we know we have a great team and extended network to weather the storm.

Happy thanksgiving 2021 from the team at CXC Global North America.