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Tune in to to listen to Javier Romeu interviewed about conducting business globally, navigating the different cultures and their subtleties and advice about how to hire talent, the right way, globally.


It is clear from the available data that in most industries hiring slowed down as a result of COVID-19.  But while hiring slowed down, there was an increase in remote working and in some verticals, businesses struggled to find the skilled talent they needed to fill open roles.  While many companies already find their talent from global talent pools and resources around the world, some companies found themselves looking overseas for the first time to find and engage the talent they needed.

Now that hiring is once again picking up, more companies are choosing to adopt or continue with a more flexible approach, when it comes to how they source, engage and manage their contingent workers domestically in the United States or globally.

There are many pitfalls when engaging talent offshore.  Employment laws differ country to country. Many companies struggle to deal with the intricacies involved with worker classification, adherence to in-country laws, vetting and right to work checks.  Add to that the cultural differences, languages spoken and business practices and you can see how hiring global can be a challenge.


This is where a company like CXC Global comes in.  CXC acts as the Employer of Record for the client who wants to engage the talent.  CXC takes on the associated employment risk, thereby minimizing risk to the client.  CXC’s robust compliance platform ensures the workers are correctly classified, vetted and have the right to work in the country where they are performing the work.  The solution is tailored for each client thereby enabling a compliant solution, with reduced cost and enhanced efficiencies.


Javier Romeu, Global Solutions Manager at CXC North America, has lived and worked all over the world.   Through his global experiences, he’s become a master at quickly observing and learning cultural norms.  In a recent podcast,  The Global Marketing Show, Javier was interviewed about conducting business globally, navigating the different cultures and their subtleties and advice about how to hire talent, the right way, globally.

Some of the key topics covered include:

  • Culture
  • Communication / Translations / Language barriers
  • Virtual offices
  • Employer burden
  • Payments / Payroll
  • Having an in-country presence
  • Global footprint


Listen to the full podcast here.


To be successful on a global scale, companies need to be able to hire the right people no matter where they are in the world and help them develop the skills to move seamlessly across the enterprise. Such investment in people enables businesses to adapt to the shifting needs of a global marketplace and workforce — plus, companies that prioritize recruiting globally, sponsoring international employees for visas and green cards and offering mobility opportunities to their employees, have an edge when it comes to acquisition and retention.

CXC’s global footprint and presence in every country where skilled work is being performed gives us an edge on our competitors.  Our teams know and understand the employment and compliance requirements first hand and provide our clients and contractors local and immediate access.


Globalization has enabled companies to source and engage talent all around the world. Ensuring the engagement of these workers is fully compliant is becoming more of a primary focus for many organizations.  As the global utilization of contingent workers / remote workers / independent contractors by corporations for project and Statement of Work is increasing, so too is the risk factor.  The risks of getting contractor classification wrong (temporary, independent contractor, freelancer, corp. to corp, consultant, gig worker) globally, will open an organization up to further workforce classification audits.  Companies now need to include risk strategy as part of their workforce planning and to ensure they are compliantly engaging talent domestically and globally.

The adoption of hybrid workforces and remote worker models has exposed companies to higher levels of risk of misclassification of workers or non-compliance to local laws, including taxation and statutory employment costs. Now more than ever it’s essential to ensure your workers are classified correctly and avoid misclassification penalties and fines.


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