SIA CWS Summit & GigE 2022 Conference. Unlock the Potential of the Extended Workforce

Outdated workforce strategies and traditional hiring models are a thing of the past. Read CXCs key takeaways from SIA's CWS Summit 2022.

The Contingent Workforce Ecosystem

The contingent workforce industry has progressed in leaps and bounds with more companies now adopting alternative talent channel solutions. It’s exciting to witness the growth and innovation in the ecosystem.

Companies are thinking past traditional supplier channels, with solutions and strategies evolving from direct sourcing models to an entire platform ecosystem today.

CWS Summit

CXC were proud to be sponsors at the 2022 CWS Summit and GIGE conferences held late September in Dallas, TX.

There really was a buzz at both conferences, with sponsors and attendees alike, seeing old friends and making new connections. Everyone was excited to get together for four days of connecting with the many great leaders, innovators and forward thinkers in the staffing and contingent workforce space.

For the CXC team, sponsoring both events gave us the opportunity to reconnect with our global partners, many of whom were also sponsoring the events, showcase our proprietary compliance and vetting platform CXC Comply and kindle new connections and partnership opportunities.

It was an action packed week in Dallas with insightful sessions during the day and some very fun and exciting sponsored evening networking.Think seeing your company name on the big screen at the Dallas Stadium!

Key Themes

Key themes for the conference included:

  •  Talent openings are across all levels of contingent workforce  globally.
  • Direct sourcing talent pools and worker redeployment is the focus for most companies
  •  Risk management and time to onboard.
  • On time payments
  • Compliance is mandatory for global workforces via global EOR AOR & independent contractor payments.


Finding Good Talent

It was clear from the sessions and conversations being had, that the challenge of finding good talent is still very real. Direct sourcing continues to evolve and push a greater focus on the candidate experience.

It’s now up to organizations, to find ways to break free from outdated workforce strategy models and unlock the potential of the extended workforce that caters to the majority at large and continues to be inclusive.

We’re now in a multi-generational global workforce so there are differences in the way the world works together, not just culturally, but across age groups as well. Take communications styles for example. The way a millennial communications in comparison to a baby boomer. Here we see differences in technology adoption as well.

So how do we get more done if there are less people? The answer to this is more focus on the candidate experience.

Organizations are being forced to address talent shortages by reimagining traditional hiring models, while technology plays a huge part when building a best-in class direct sourcing program

Risk continues to be a focus for organizations, highlighting the importance of having a strategy in place that includes talent, technology and risk.

In the end, it’s the people that make it all possible and are the heart of every organization. While technology plays a very important role, we can’t lose sight of where the real value lies.

“There is a huge opportunity ahead for technology providers in this space to create better experiences and outcomes for businesses, staffing suppliers, and workers. ” – Doug Leeby, Beeline

About CXC

CXC is proud to partner with many of the CWS Summit and GigE Sponsors and is the partner of choice for many U.S. organizations looking to expand globally or hire talent in remote locations. As a trusted partner, we aim to align with the values and goals of the companies we partner with. Our 30 years in business provides our clients and partners with the strong experience they need to navigate the world of work.

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