Workforce Optimization: Recruit and Retain Flexible Workers

Smart organizations now incorporate flexible working as part of their overall workforce strategy to ensure their workforce is future ready. Find out how to recruit flexible workers successfully as well as retain them and keep them engaged and productive.

The world of work has been undergoing major shifts especially after the pandemic. One of those changes that is shaping workforces is the rising demand for flexible working. It has become a major drive in recruiting and retaining talent. The modern worker is after flexibility and organizations that offer flexible working conditions appeal more. In addition, more workers are willing to stay with a company if flexible working terms are provided. By enabling a flexible workforce program, organizations can expect improvement in talent attraction and retention, in addition to workforce loyalty by hiring flexible workers. Here we discuss more benefits, how to recruit flexible workers  as well as tips on how to retain them.

Benefits of hiring flexible workers

When it comes to flexible working, both the organization and talent benefit from the arrangement. Some of the benefits that to workers include:

  • A more improved work-life balance
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Reduced stress, fatigue and burnout

These benefits trickle down to the organization in terms of increased productivity and worker loyalty. Other benefits to the organization include:

  • Reduced costs – hiring flexible workers allows you to hire experts for one-time off projects without the commitment of hiring full-time employees. With flexible workers, the need for a physical office isn’t necessary, which saves the cost of renting a physical space
  • Improved flexibility – if you want to fulfill the demand for workers to work from any location, it becomes easier to ditch the office when employees work flexible hours
  • Competitive edge – there is a fierce war for talents out there. Allowing flexibility gives you a competitive edge in attracting and bagging top talents
  • A wider talent pool – Flexible working conditions gives you the opportunity to hire outside your regular channels and geographical location. Furthermore, this comes with other added advantages. For starters, it allows you to bring in people from diverse backgrounds, which improves innovation and problem-solving skills. In addition, foreign employment can lead to reduced employment costs and easier entry to foreign markets. Moreover, you can make hiring foreign employees easier with a global payroll to help you with compliance needs and unifying your employees.

How to recruit flexible workers

If you want to hire flexible workers successfully, here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Assess why flexible working will benefit your business – Does your business have 24 hour needs, or you want to improve diversity or there are some skills gaps in your workforce. Whichever your driver, identifying it early on can help you in creating a good strategy
  • Be clear on your job ads – Ensure that you are clear on what type of flexibility you are willing to offer. This can help eliminate false hopes, manage expectations and avoid misinterpretation
  • Get everyone involved – When deciding on flexible working, getting your current team involved can make integration for future workers easier
  • Look where they can be found – You can raise the odds of finding flexible workers by focusing on platforms that they frequent. There is an online platform for almost every profession you can think of.

Best practices for retaining flexible workers

In today’s world, flexible working is key to attracting and retaining the best talent. There are additional steps an organization can take to encourage flexible worker tenure and productivity. These would include:

  • Set clear rules and expectations
  • Ensure that all employees have what it takes to work effectively. This might mean giving incentives to purchase the tech that they need
  • Foster proper communication. Be clear on when you are available and who handles what information and queries
  • Give regular feedback and reward excellent performances
  • Encourage virtual water cooler conversations during meeting
  • Allow physical meetings whenever possible
  • Allow flexibility. Don’t assume your flexible workers are available around the clock. Stick to your end of the bargain by allowing the freedom to define their schedules


It is clear that flexible working is here to stay. Smart organizations will incorporate it as part of their overall workforce strategy to ensure their workforce is future ready. However, just hiring flexible workers it isn’t enough. There are many intricacies to compliantly engage and ensure the success of your program for both your organization and your workforce. The above tips can help you recruit flexible workers successfully as well as retain them and keep them engaged and productive.

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