Are you engaging project-based workers outside of the U.S?

Streamlining compliance processes through enthusiasm, dedication and efficiency.  Now we are going one step further to ensure that your business is at the forefront of the contingent workforce revolution.

Are you engaging project-based workers outside of the U.S?

Let CXC Global be your Independent Contractor Payroll & Compliance adviser to the rest of the World!

Our Pacific Northwest Team is committed to a compliance first policy mitigating all global contractor labor risks on behalf of your organization.

Based in Mill Creek, Washington our operations team specializes in:

-Real-time adherence to in-country contractor labor laws
-Compliant and on-time contractor payment
-Proper workforce classification
-Contractor vetting to determine right-to-work status
-Lawful currency exchange
-Friendly and Efficient on-boarding
-Accurate tax reporting and filing
-Expertise in SOW classification adhering to milestones set by agreements.
-Locally-based customer service team with dedicated account manager.

Louis Calamaras
Global Clients Solutions Director
CXC Global Americas

Mob: 847-828-8028
Office: 425-216-3604
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Contact me to talk more about your project-based workers outside the U.S and how we can help to ensure your compliance and avoid risk.