Extended Workforce Planning and Budget for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, businesses of every size and individuals / independents are in the process of working on or completing their budgets for 2019.

In addition to creating more revenue, reducing spend and creating scalable solutions for expenses is a key focus for many.

Many more businesses are now embracing the gig economy and engaging project based workers to complete business tasks and projects on an as needed basis, thereby reducing the amount of downtime in productivity and running a leaner operation.

The extended / contingent workforce is now being used for all levels of business.  In fact, a Mavenlink survey reported that 47 percent of executives consider non-permanent workers for management and C-suite roles.

“In the midst of major transformation, executives are being forced to reimagine how they organize and manage the workforce, and increasingly we see that contractors are the preferred model of the future,” said Ray Grainger, CEO and Founder of Mavenlink.


Extended Workforce Planning and Budget for 2019

In addition to the extended workforce solutions, businesses can also look to co-working spaces as a way of reducing workforce and human capital costs and with remote working becoming more popular and the ability to manage teams with workers all around the globe, this is an attractive option and one that we are seeing being embraced more in the U.S. and around the world.

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Employing independent contractors is a flexible and cost-effective way to enhance capability and add specific skills to your business. However, with ever-changing taxation and legal requirements, managing the administration of your contractor team can be complicated and time consuming. As the experts in Extended Workforce Solutions, CXC Global can take this responsibility off your hands – helping you save internal resources, ensure compliance and consolidate your paperwork.

“Whether you’re in the middle of budget season or just beginning to set 2019 calendar-year budgets, the top cost-cutting considerations is expanding the use of project-based workers to help ease expansion, complementing FTE hires and infrastructure advancement. Nice to see all facets of the future of work play a role in financial forecasting to finalize a compliant spend.” 
Lou Calamaras, CCWP, Director Client Solutions
CXC Global North America.


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