Foreign Companies Engaging Contingent Workers

Engaging Contingent Talent more Challenging in Some Countries

The recent discussions of Walmart pulling out of Brazil is now official, bringing the challenges of doing business overseas into the spotlight once again.

As a global company, CXC Global operates in over 70 countries and in our 25+ years, we have experienced first hand the challenges associated with globalization and managing a global workforce.

For foreign companies wanting to hire workers abroad, some countries / regions present more challenges than others and Brazil is once such country.  What may be considered a small issue in some countries, for example making sure workers are paid overtime compliantly or get their scheduled breaks, can be a much more serious issue in Brazil, which is known to be very pro-worker.

Workforce Solutions Partner

While being an exciting market to do business in, this further highlights the importance of having a strong workforce solutions partner to help ensure local laws are adhered to and workers are engaged compliantly.

For CXC Global, assisting and educating companies on compliant solutions for their contingent workforce, is a key focus.

Click here to see the article posted by Tech Crunch about Walmart’s recent sale for its Brazilian operation to Advent.

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Written by Kathryn Hopkins