Four key tips to working with Contingent Talent

You’re hiring contractors but not sure how to integrate them into your workforce…Don’t worry….you’re not alone.

Here are some tips to effectively engage contingent talent, and achieve the best ROI from them, for your business:

4-tips-to-dealing-with-freelancers (3)


1.Nominate a point of contact

Establish one point of contact for your contractor. This will give them an identifiable project liaison and ensure a consistent communication channel and clearly set project expectations.

2. Stick to a communications plan

Now that you have nominated your project liaison devise a communications plan. Agree on when, how often and via what medium your point of contact and contractor will communicate.

This could be weekly meetings, fortnightly reporting, and monthly KPI tracking.

3. Set clear expectations

Make sure everyone is on the same page with regards to the deliverables you expect of your contractor. Set clear expectations and achievable goals in a documented project plan, that both parties agree to.

4. Check in regularly

Be sure to check in with both your contractor and project liaison regularly. This will help you identify any issues early in the project.

And, if need be, revisit tip two and three and adjust your original plans.

Key take-aways

  • Engagement is key
  • Communication needs to be consistent & planned
  • Define and agree to clear deliverables
  • Address potential issues ASAP
  • Keep your process fluid


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