GigE2018 – Recap – Gig Economy – Platforms – Innovation – Program Management

GigE2018 Collaboration in the Gig Economy

A season of change is among us both literally and virtually.  So much so that this year’s GIGe conference displayed not only new innovations to contingent workforce sourcing and management, but also successful exit stories to those technologies that disrupted the marketplace in recent years.

The meeting rooms, networking gatherings, and keynotes all recognized the talent clouds carefully, not grouping them together rather displaying how each niche can offer the enterprise the right path to accessible, on-demand talent.  Over all of those innovations, talks of IPOs give the newer players hope their idea is on the right track, while at the same time opening their minds to compliant partners who possess time-tested solutions.  These partners are experts to navigate the economic conditions that affect new spins on legacy methods of sourcing and securing project-based talent.

Positive reactions from hearing, “my company was sold six months ago and I’m in charge of keeping the vision,” was a regular occurrence.  A sign that innovators are not done after a successful exit and their enterprise buyers appreciate their ear-to-the ground intelligence on how to scale post-acquisition.  This provided an extra hop-in-the-step to those looking for extra capital or that extra push when answering critics at the shark tank enactment.

GigE2018 - Team Photo
Left to right: Lou Calamaras CXC Global, Peter Oreb – CXC Global, Terri Gallagher – Gallagher & Co, John Smith – CXC Global attending SIA GigE2018

Large on display were those who can provide guidance to those brave programs who have decided to go at it alone.  A force of seasoned program managers armed with solutions that cover compliance, management, and implementation, of talent that is directly sourced.  This year’s conference provided must needed intelligence on how to tackle a continent workforce challenge head-on, where in the past famous acronyms swooped in like superman to save the day.  Now the power is in the hands of enterprise with internal and external tools to compliantly source and manage project-based talent.

Where ever you found a place in our contingent workforce sector, chances are it was a result of change.  Whether it was the method you found talent, how you paid that talent, or how that talent was managed to ensure deliverable were met.  The change is constant however deliberate as our sector’s visibility to stakeholders has increased immensely, because talent comes in all forms and not just the 9-5.